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Banana Water PipeBong Banana
Banana Bong - Glass Banana Shaped Water Pipe
Sale price$59.99
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1 color available

Skull Bong PinkSkull Bongs
Skull Bong
Sale price$54.99
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Group Sense Glass Double Matrix BongFreezable Coil with Double Matrix Bong Blue
Sense Glass 13 inch Bong with M&MsM&Ms Unique Resin Design in 13 inch Bong
Pink Hello Kitty Side ViewPink Hello Kitty Water Pipe
Lava Lamp Bong with Hearts and Percolator - Golden Leaf ShopLava Lamp Bong with Hearts and Percolator - Golden Leaf Shop
Save $4.00
Top Puff Bongifier - Turn Any Bottle into a Functional Bong - Golden Leaf ShopTop Puff Bongifier - Turn Any Bottle into a Functional Bong - Golden Leaf Shop
Top Puff Portable Bong - Turn Any Bottle into a Functional Water Pipe
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$11.99
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6 colors available

glass penis bongwater filtrated penis bong
Penis Bong - 8 inches
Sale priceFrom $25.00
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Gas Mask Bong Dark BlueGas Mask Bong White and Blue
Gas Mask Bong
Sale price$24.00
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My Zmokie Four Colors To Smoke WeedMy Zmokie Bottle For Weed
My Zmokie - Water Bottle Bong
Sale price$30.00
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Heart Shaped Glass BongHeart Shaped Glass Water Pipe
Silicone Lava Lamp Green Blue Color    Silicone Water Pipe
Silicone Lava Lamp Bong
Sale price$25.00
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Iridescent Swirl Bong 13 inchIridescent Design of Swirl Bong
Iridescent Bong with Swirl
Sale price$60.00
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UFO Bong by Hemper Mixed ColorsGreen UFO Cow Bong
Save $34.99
Randy's Loov for Weed and ConcentratesRandy's Loov Review
Randy's Loov - Table Top Vaporizer
Sale price$165.00 Regular price$199.99
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8 Inch Bong with Percolator8 Inch Bong with Percolator Orange
8 Inch Bong with Percolator
Sale price$20.00
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9 colors available

That 70s Hemper Lava Lamp Bong - 7 inch - Golden Leaf ShopThat 70s Hemper Lava Lamp Bong - 7 inch - Golden Leaf Shop
Unique Coil BongBong with Dual Coil and Percolator
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12 inch Bong with Double Inline Percolator - Golden Leaf Shop12 inch Bong with Double Inline Percolator - Golden Leaf Shop
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Mixed Colors Mini Silicone Bong with PercolatorYellow and Black Mini Silicone Bong with Percolator
12 Inch Zig Zag Bong with Percolator Multiple ColorsZig Zag Bong in Blue
12 Inch Zig Zag Bong with Percolator
Sale price$30.00
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3 colors available

Ducky Bong Design by HemperDuck Bong Design by Hemper Brand
Duck Bong by Hemper
Sale priceFrom $47.99
2 reviews
Lookah Bong YellowCustom Sunbird Bong by Lookah
Lookah Sunbird 12" Glass Bong
Sale price$130.00
No reviews
Big Mom Lookah BongSmoking Bong by Lookah Big Mom
Lookah Big Mom Bong
Sale price$80.00
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Bongs and water pipes are the best and most popular way to smoke your weed. There is an infinite amount of bongs available in the market today, however in this collection we have gathered what we have seen to be the most popular, fairly priced and highest quality. The main advantage to using bongs to smoke your herbs is that your smoke gets filtered by the water inside your water pipe/bong making your hit cooler and a lot smoother. You will notice that by using a bong you wont get that unpleasant strong throat irritation that you get from directly smoking your herbs with a pipe. Whenever using a water bong you elevate your smoking experience and the quality of your fun time.

How to Buy the right bong for you

We know that the process of buying a bong online can get difficult being that there are so many options to choose from. The bongs we have for sale here at Goldenleaf range from all different types to ensure there is one that will fit everyone's needs. When buying a bong one must ask themselves how much am I looking to spend on elevating my smoking experience and how convinced am I that this bong will improve it.

Types of bongs and water pipes

Percolator bongs:

Bongs that have percolators are usually the highest quality and smoother hitting types of bongs. This is due to the fact that percolators disperse your smoke into tiny streams or bubbles in the water. This water filtration mechanism makes your hits cooler and more enjoyable to inhale.

straight tube bongs:

Straight tube bongs and water pipes are exactly what they sound like, just a straight silicone or glass bong. These can have a percolator or a downstem and are the most convenient and transportable types of bongs. For this reason, most mini bongs are straight tube bongs.

bongs with ice catcher

Ice catchers are a top section inside your bong that will hold ice in order for smoke to pass through it and cool your hit. Most good quality bongs will have an ice catcher

water pipes/bubblers

Water pipes and bubblers are small versions of a bong. These consist of a bowl to put your dry herbs or weed and a small amount of water to filtrate your hits.