The Beginning

Goldenleaf was founded by two high school students in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with tons of ideas to revolutionize the smoking industry as we know it. We were determined to do everything it takes and ready to sacrifice the little that we had to make this dream come true.

Humble Beginnings of Golden Leaf

 At first we started off small with just a few products in a small apartment but with big aspirations to grow into a global brand. Being a small player in a huge industry, the beginning was not easy and it took us a few years and tons of unique ideas to have a presence in the market. 

Learning and Growth

During the early beginnings of Goldenleaf, we did not even know how to create a website so all of our sales came from local following on social media. Then, we moved to Austin Texas to gain knowledge on the industry and inspiration in a space where cannabis is embedded into the culture. After a few years of living in Austin, we added new awesome people to the team that have helped us bring Goldenleaf into what we always wanted it to be. A global brand with personality. 

As you can see, we have never been just a regular smoke shop company, we never got in the business with money as the main goal. Our goal is and has always been to find or create unique and innovative products and place them on the market for the best price. 

Through countless bitter and sweet experiences, we have learned tons about the industry, met many awesome people and have expanded the vision to be bigger than ourselves. Goldenleaf has always been about the people and we demonstrate that by maintaining our core values of honesty and appreciation for the art in every single new product, youtube video, social media post and email we send out.

Going Retail

Golden Leaf Retail Store

Once our website began to take off, we decided to open our first retail store right where it all began: in the Rio Grande Valley. Since a lot of our customers wanted to pick up their products same-day, we concluded that having a retail location would be a great way to give back to the community and better serve our customers. Our store is located right off the highway, offering convenient access no matter where you are. 

We took the main principles we used to start our website and applied them directly to our retail store. While everyone said we were crazy for offering such low prices, we decided to stick to our guts and give our customers exactly what they were looking for: the newest products at the lowest prices. 

Moving Forward

We believe that Golden Leaf is still in its infancy and has a lot of space to grow. We plan on expanding our website, opening more retail locations, adding new members to the team, and creating products of our own. Co-Founders Cesar Perez and Daniel Branca started Golden Leaf with one simple goal in mind, to find the most innovative and unique smoking products and place them into the marketplace for the best price. No matter how large the company grows, the goal will always stay the same.