How To Use A Nectar Collector -  A Full Breakdown Of Everything You Need To Know In 2024

How To Use A Nectar Collector - A Full Breakdown Of Everything You Need To Know In 2024

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When it comes to smoking dabs or wax, nectar collectors are the best way to go. This is due to the fact that they are affordable, reliable and so much fun to use.

For those that don't know, nectar collectors are basically dab straws that you use to smoke your concentrates. They are more portable and easier to use than a traditional dab rig which makes them the go to choose for smoking dabs on the go.

Glass nectar collector with quartz tip

How do you use a nectar collector?

Using a nectar collector is a pretty straightforward process, In fact it is so simple that once you learn how easy it is to use a nectar collector you will wonder why you don't have one yet.

  1. Heat up the glass or metal nectar collector tip with a butane torch for 30 seconds

  2. Let the glass or titanium tip cool for 15 seconds

  3. Lightly drag from the nectar collector like you would a straw while dabbing over your concentrate

  4. Inhale gently and enjoy

2 piece portable nectar collector

Tips and Tricks When Using A Nectar Collector

  • Whenever you are utilizing a glass nectar collector, make sure to wait at least 20 seconds before dabbing if the heated tip is glowing red.

  • Always remember to dab lightly to avoid sucking up too much wax and wasting your precious concentrate or oil.

  • Dabbing over a dab mat and keeping your dabs in a silicone dish or container will help with keeping your area and nectar collector clean over the long run.

Do Nectar Collectors Use Water?

Nectar Collectors generally do not need water. They are very simple dry devices and the ease of use is what has made them popular. However, there are some nectar collectors that do incorporate the use of water. If you desire to buy a nectar collector with a water chamber, check them out here. Water filtration on a nectar collector ensures that you do not get hot wax that might have ran up the body of the nectar collector in your mouth.

Nectar Collector with water filtration chamber

Electric Nectar Collectors

There are nectar collectors that do not require the use of a torch in order to vape your concentrates. These nectar collectors are fully electric and can be charged and re used over and over. Some people prefer using these over a dab rig or any other way of smoking your wax dude to the fact that they use no butane. This makes for cleaner, smoother hits that allow you to taste the flavor of your concentrate.

Electric Nectar collectors are the route you want to take to get fancy with your dabbing. They are the easiest to use and the best part is you do not have to carry a torch around and inhale butane with every hit. These can get pricey but if you have a 510 battery, click the picture below for the attachment that turns your cart battery into a nectar collector!

high quality nectar collector

Nectar Collector Vs Dab Rigs

One of the main advantages of a nectar collector is its portability. Its compact size allows for easy transport and use, whether you're at home or on the go. On the other hand, most rigs are more than twice the size of a nectar collector, not to mention the price. In addition to this, using a nectar collector is also a breeze, as all you need is a heat source and a small amount of concentrate. Plus, the nectar collector's design allows for precise dosing, giving you full control over the amount of concentrate you inhale.

Not only is the dab straw user-friendly, but it's also budget-friendly. Compared to traditional dab rigs, nectar collectors tend to be less expensive, making them accessible to a wider range of people.

Efficiency is another benefit of using a nectar collector. Unlike traditional dab rigs where the entire chamber is heated, nectar collectors only heat the amount of concentrate you want to inhale. This not only saves on your concentrate but also on your energy consumption.

nectar collector kit

How To Clean Your Nectar Collector

Wax concentrates can get messy and build up on your nectar collector over time. Luckily for us, there steps to follow and clean your nectar collector are super simple. You can either use a premade cleaning solution or make your own by mixing coarse salt and rubbing alcohol.

First, grab a Ziploc bad big enough to put your whole nectar collector inside and fill it with cleaning solution. Shake violently and then let it sit, repeat this process a few times. You will see that the excess residue that's built-up start to fall right off. Once your nectar collector looks like when you first bought it, rinse it with water and you are ready to start using it again.

Key Takeaways

  • A nectar collector consists of a neck, body, and tip made of materials like titanium, quartz, or ceramic, and functions best at temperatures between 350°F and 400°F for vaporization of concentrates.

  • Proper use of a nectar collector involves heating the tip for 40-50 seconds before touching it to the concentrate while inhaling, with options available for torchless heating like electric nectar collectors.

  • Maintaining your nectar collector is essential for performance; disassemble, clean with isopropyl alcohol and salt, and rinse with water regularly to prevent residue buildup.

Understanding Nectar Collectors: Components and Materials

A nectar collector is an essential item for any Cannabis enthusiast, composed of the neck as your gateway to enjoy vapors, a body with built-in filtration through its water chamber and finally the tip that heats up between 350°F and 400°F. Various materials such as glass, metal or silicone are used in making these devices. Each providing distinct advantages, like clean hits from metals or reliability from silicon models. So regardless of preference, there’s always an ideal nectar collector waiting for you!

Assembling a nectar collector

How to Properly Use a Nectar Collector: Step-by-Step Guide

For a delightful dabbing experience, the straightforwardness of a nectar collector is unbeatable. To begin, you’ll need the straw itself plus your cannabis concentrate and tools like torch, glass or silicone container, mouthpiece as well as a dab tool for application. Heat up the tip of your nectar collector steadily at 40-50 seconds until it becomes cool before touching on concentrate in order to inhale vapor via that tube into the nectar collector's mouthpiece without burning concentrates nor wasting wax while enjoying dabs with great care. For those who lack torch during this process, don’t worry! An electric model can easily be utilized instead.

How do you assemble a Nectar Collector?

Once assembled, a nectar collector is ready for use. It includes a mouthpiece that will be used to inhale the vapor and an attached tip that heats up. Simply attach the provided parts together, your convenient personal setup of this device is now complete!

Do you put water in all Nectar Collectors?

Using a nectar collector with a water chamber is an ideal way to enhance your dabbing experience. By filling it halfway, the added water helps cool down and filter the vapor for smoother hits. Not all models of nectar collectors require you to use liquid, some are designed purely for dry use only. When using those which have that feature available, adding water is highly recommended as it can result in more enjoyable sessions overall.

How long should you heat a Nectar Collector?

The heating of a nectar collector needs to be done with precision since the desired temperature here should not be too high or too low. A 40-50 second heat time is perfect, and you’re aiming for temperatures between 350°F and 400°F. It’s important to make sure that the tip doesn’t get overheated by turning orange – in which case leave it to cool before using again.

It won’t matter what material your device consists of: this all comes down to technique when targeting a certain temperature!

Can I heat a Nectar Collector with a regular lighter?

When just beginning to dab, many may be unsure if they can use a regular lighter for heating their nectar collector. Unfortunately it is not recommended. The intense flame required would not be achieved by using this type of device and could lead to harm or damage the apparatus in the long run as well as altering its makeup. It’s best avoided when trying to heat up your nectar collection process.

How to use a Nectar Collector without a torch

Using an electric nectar collector is a great way to enjoy cleaner, smoother hits without having to use torches. Here’s how:

Start by heating the tip of your device and placing your concentrates in a dish, glass container or chamber so it’s ready when you activate the tool. If you do not have a torch, you can use an electric nectar collector or a hot surface like a stove, but it is not recommended. With the preheated item now active, carefully submerge its heated tip into your material as you inhale, experiencing all of that delicious nectar with no flames needed!

Dabbing with a Nectar Collector

Want to take your first dab out of the dab straw? With a nectar collector, it’s simple: just heat up the tip and touch it with concentrate. You can try out many concentrates using this method such as wax, shatter, oil, budder, crumble, live resin, rosin, hash and more! When adding any kind of concentrate remember that less is better, you can always add more but not take away what has already been added. Have an unforgettable experience by experimenting with all the types of concentrates available in combination with your heated tip for a top-notch dabbing session from start to finish!

nectar collector work

Why is my Nectar Collector catching on fire?

Nectar collectors are designed to handle high temperatures and can be enjoyed safely with the right precautions. To prevent any fires, one should take care not to exceed safe levels of heating when using a butane torch on the nectar collector's tip. Once it has been heated for 15-30 seconds, move away from focusing too much heat in one place while enjoying your concentrate via nectar collector. If by chance there is an incident involving fire caused by improper handling, swiftly brush over the flame around the end of its tip until cooled down again before proceeding cautiously so as to minimise Damage.

Choosing the Right Nectar Collector for You

Once you have an understanding of how a nectar collector functions, it’s time to select the one that meets your needs. There is plenty of choice in terms of materials and designs, so finding something suitable should not be difficult. If toughness and usability are important factors for you, then silicone could well be worth considering, those looking for superior cleanliness might prefer glass, and finally electric models offer ease-of-use as they already incorporate heating capabilities. There are also kits offering all the necessary items needed together allowing users to get started without any hassle whatsoever. Ultimately when picking out what type or model suits best, make sure to factor in personal preferences such as convenience while keeping overall quality at heart, no matter which option chosen carefully peruse through each until satisfying conditions have been met!

Girl using a glass nectar collector

Glass Nectar Collectors

Glass nectar collectors have become well-known for their smooth vapor and convenient mobility. As a result, there are some extraordinary designs available on the market. They may be pricier than other types of dab rigs such as metal or silicone ones. They offer distinct advantages that can make up for the higher cost tag! Quality glass nectar collector kits will retain heat better allowing users to experience more intense dabs with cleaner hits similar in form to traditional dabbing devices—only much easier portability wise. It’s no wonder why these nifty little pieces continue to gain popularity among avid smokers worldwide!

Silicone Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors made from silicone provide durability and convenience that many other materials such as glass don’t. Plus, these models tend to be more affordable than others on the market while also available in a variety of colorful designs for those who like a bit of style with their piece. They are effortless to clean too, just give it a quick rinse using water or soak it in your cleaning solution! Brands such as Dab-zooka’s Silicone Straws, Eyce Nectar Collectors and electric dab straws can all offer great quality when looking at this type of product.

Electric Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors that are electric provide convenience through their built-in electrical heating component, eliminating the need for a torch. Temperature settings can usually be adjusted or preprogrammed so hitting just the right point is easier than ever before.

For those searching for an easy to use product, an electric nectar collector could do you wonders, even though they cost more than other varieties on offer, they may prove worthwhile when considering how smooth your hit will now be!

Enhancing Your Dabbing Experience: Accessories and Tips

To enhance your dabbing experience, you may want to invest in some useful accessories. For starters, a mouthpiece and carbon filter can provide pure hits without hurting your lungs. Items like silicone mats or dishes help keep surfaces clean while keeping dabs organized and residue-free at the same time. Dab straws are also great for seamless operation when using them as an accessory during these activities.

For those looking to take their dabbing game up another notch. Tools such as Parabolic Bird Feeder Dishes, Collector Protectors made of Grade 2 Titanium will do just that!

Nectar Collector Maintenance: Cleaning and Care

Nectar Collector clean

It is essential to take proper care and upkeep of your nectar collector for an extended life span and best efficiency. Cleaning it regularly not only makes the device look new, but also helps in preventing any blockages or residue buildup that can disrupt dabbing experiences. To clean your equipment, you must break apart its parts - tip, mouthpiece, body - then blow out with a breath into the pieces before using a cotton swab to remove additional concentrates left inside. Following this step should be soaking all elements in two-thirds alcohol mixed with one-third salt water. Finally rinse them off with clear liquid. You must do this process at least once every week if you are actively utilizing the apparatus so as reap full benefits from what you have invested on it.

Comparing Nectar Collectors to Other Dabbing Methods

Nectar collectors have a distinct design and use, but how do they compare to other dabbing systems? When compared to wax pens, nectar collectors are more potent yet less easy or concealed. On the contrary, with dab rigs. When using these devices, you heat up a nail for the concentrates instead of directly targeting them with your heated tip like what is done on nectar collector designs.

With respect to flavor, mainly due to its better temperature control ability in comparison to most rigs. Most would agree that using dab rigs will produce tastier results than if one were utilizing Nectars Collectors. However, this is not necessarily true because while using a traditional dab rig

Safety Considerations When Using a Nectar Collector

When using a silicone nectar collector however, safety must always be kept at the forefront. The appropriate temperature range is between 500°F and 600°F when dabbing with one of these devices, this should not exceed in order to maintain optimal performance levels. It’s advised against heating any silicone-made pieces as they are not designed for high temperatures.

It’s important that users take 10 seconds or so after each use on the go to let their apparatus cool down thoroughly. Otherwise the connection point of the tip and device can easily become damaged from overheating if neglected while still warm! So before you enjoy your next session remember: Safety first!

Troubleshooting Common Nectar Collector Issues

When using your nectar collector, make sure to be mindful of the heat that is produced. Taking a break between pulls and allowing the tip to cool off for 15-30 seconds will help avoid burning any cannabis concentrate that you are working with. It’s advised not to use parchment paper in use as these materials can cause irritation if burned. Also take caution when water comes into contact with an active hot tip, this could result in damage! All of these tips should keep your nectar collector running smoothly so you get all flavors out of every bit of concentrate possible!


Using a nectar collector is an excellent way to indulge in your favorite concentrates and have an enjoyable dabbing experience. It’s essential that you look into the type of model best suited for your needs before purchasing, such as glass, silicone or electric variants. Cleaning it regularly helps keep everything running smoothly, while also staying mindful when heating up the device prior to use are great safety measures, some troubleshooting techniques may help if problems arise along the journey! With this guide, now you’re ready kick-off with confidence using a nectar collector, enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a Lookah Nectar Collector?

Fill the bubbler on your dab pen to an appropriate level, then start using your electric nectar collector by pressing the power button about five times. Place it onto a heat-resistant surface and begin enjoying! Make sure you have all necessary safety precautions taken before beginning as these electronic nectars use considerable amounts of heat. Be certain that you’ve filled up properly or else get ready for disappointment when attempting this modern way of consuming concentrates, vaporizing wax with a Nectar Collector at its core.

How long should you heat up a Nectar Collector?

Heat the tip of a nectar collector with a butane torch for about 40-50 seconds to ensure it is properly prepped before use. This heating duration may vary depending on which type of flame device you have chosen.

How do you use a bowl with a Nectar Collector?

To employ the glass nectar collector first, you need to heat its tip and place it carefully on top of your concentrate in a glass dish. If food-grade materials were used for making your dab, then use that same container while doing so.

How do you know when a Nectar Collector is hot enough?

When using a Nectar Collector with concentrate, heat the tip until it radiates red, then wait 5-10 seconds to allow it to cool before consumption.

Can I use a nectar collector without a torch?

An electric nectar collector, which heats the tip and requires no torch, can be used to enjoy your concentrates. Simply heat up the tip first then place dab jar of your selected concentrate in it before turning on the device. Wait for preheating and you’ll be ready!


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