Is Bong Water Good For Plants?

Is Bong Water Good For Plants?

Anyone who has used a bong knows how quickly bong water can build up. After a few bowls out of the bong, you may be wondering if there is any practical use for bong water.

Although bong water does contain natural fertilizer and dead plant matter, it is generally not beneficial to a plants health and survival. Plants need water just like us so ask yourself: "Should I drink bong water?"

This article will be a deep dive into what exactly is bong water and should it be given to plants or any living organism.

What Is Bong Water?

Bong water is the dirty water left in a bong after use. Using a bong filters ash and tar from the smoke giving the user a much cleaner hit. The water in a bong will get darker and have a stronger smell the longer the bongs is used. Having dirty stagnant water will also lower the herbal flavor of your smoke.

Different bongs require different water levels depending on the methods of filtration. Overall, it is not too difficult to determine the correct water level for a bong. We have a full guide on how much water to put in a bong.

What is in Bong Water

Bong water filters unnecessary waste but it also traps a small percentage of THC and other natural cannabinoids in it. Bong Water can contain:

  • THC

  • CBD

  • Ash/ Burnt weed

  • Campylobacter Jejuni

  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

  • Naphthalene

  • Acrylamide

  • Acrylonitrile 

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Carbon dioxide

  • High PH levels

 What is in bong water

What do plants need to survive

Plants are very diverse in their needs to survive, but bong water is definitely NOT beneficial to a plants survival. Anything you might've heard in the past is pure myth. Although the water does contain deteriorated dry plant material, there is more harm than help.

Bong water is a combination of ash, toxins, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. None of which are good for a plants growth. Plants need sunlight, air, clean water and nutrients to grow healthy.

It is important to research what your specific type of plants need, since different plants have different sunlight and nutrient requirements.

What do plants need to survive

Will Bong water kill plants

It is definitely possible that bong water could severely harm and even kill plants. The toxins and waste found in bong water is definitely not good for plants or any living organism for that matter. Additionally, bong water may have high pH levels which can be detrimental to plant health. It is generally not a good idea to use bong water for plants. It is better to use clean, fresh water.

What is the best thing to do with bong water

Bong water is best to be thrown away and replaced with clean water as soon as possible. This will ensure a clean session with maximum flavor. This will also prevent excess bacteria from growing inside your bong. Stagnant bong water can begin to grow bacteria within only a few days.

To best dispose of your old bong water, pour it down the drain or in the toilet. Pouring it down the drain and cleaning the sink is the fastest way to get rid of the lingering bong water smell. Be warned, bong water may contain resin and other solid particles which can build up and clog plumbing over time. Pour some hot water down the drain to help prevent this.

Dispose bong water down the drain

Another alternative is to dump your old bong water outside. This is a better option for someone who does not want to smell old bong water in their sink or restroom. Remember that bong water may contain harmful toxins, so be careful where you dump it. Maybe on your neighbors plants (just kidding!)

Is Bong water good for anything

Some people believe that bong water can be beneficial to use in a compost pile alongside other decomposing plant matter. The science on this is limited and mostly anecdotal.

Most veteran smokers know that clean bong water is the standard for a good sesh. Dispose of your old water regularly and also clean your glass pieces regularly.

Bong Water Alternatives for Plants

There are several alternatives to using bong water for plants or other purposes. Some options include:

  • Using clean, fresh water for watering plants or for use in a bong

  • Using water from a reverse osmosis system or a water purification system

  • Using filtered water from a pitcher or tap water filter

  • Using distilled water

It is important to use clean, pure water for plants and other purposes to ensure the health and safety of the plants and to prevent the buildup of harmful substances. Using bong water, which may contain chemicals, toxins, and bacteria, is generally not recommended.

Summary: Is Bong Water Good for Plants?

Bong water which has been sitting in a dirty bong for days contains a variety of harmful toxins and bacterial growth. Although it does contain some natural fertilizer and cannabinoids, bong water is not beneficial to plants or any other living organisms.

The old water in your bong is too acidic and contains harmful material. Putting bong water directly onto a plant can be detrimental to its health and may even kill the plant. Plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients.

It is also extremely dangerous for any human to drink bong water. It can cause severe, food-poisoning-like symptoms.

Bong water is best thrown down the drain alongside some hot water. Anything other than that is probably a bad idea. So next time you finishing a smoke session on a bong, toss that water and forget about it!


What is bong water?

Bong water is the water that is used to fill the base of a bong, which is a type of water pipe used for smoking tobacco or other substances.

Is bong water safe for plants?

It is generally not recommended to use bong water for plants as it may contain chemicals and substances that can be harmful to plants. Additionally, bong water may contain bacteria and pathogens that can cause illness or damage to plants.

Can I reuse bong water for plants?

It is not advisable to reuse bong water for plants. Even if the water appears to be clean, it may contain trace amounts of chemicals or substances that can be harmful to plants. It is best to use fresh, clean water for watering plants.

Is there a way to make bong water safe for plants?

It is not possible to make bong water safe for plants. The best course of action is to dispose of the bong water responsibly and use fresh, clean water for watering plants.

Can I use bong water to water my cannabis plants?

It is not recommended to use bong water to water cannabis plants or any other type of plant. Bong water may contain chemicals and substances that can be harmful to plants and may negatively affect the growth and development of the plants. It is best to use fresh, clean water for watering cannabis plants.

Where should I dump my bong water?

Bong water is a combination of toxins, ash and decaying plant matter. These toxins can even multiply if the water is left stagnant for too long. Because of this, the best place to dump your bong water is down the drain. This is best done immediately after noticing a change in color or strong odor. Replacing your water regularly will ensure maximum flavor and a hygienic smoking session.

Is Bong Water Acidic?

The used water in your bong will be on the acidic side of the PH scale. Plants generally require a neutral PH level giving us another reason not to use bong water on plants. It is also important to understand the specific requirement of each and every plant you grow, because they vary greatly in their ideal growing conditions and requirements.

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