How to Clean A Dab Rig - Everything you need to know

How to Clean A Dab Rig - Everything you need to know

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Why Should I Clean a Dab Rig?

Depending on how often you dab, buildup will accumulate pretty fast and your dab rig will start to feel sticky and look dirty. Dabbing out of a dirty rig is no fun and it might actually be harmful for your health. Toxic bacteria can build up in the left over resin from your wax or concentrates and get you our your friends sick!

This is why it important to keep your glass or silicone free of residue by giving your rigs a deep cleaning every once in a while. Learning how to clean a dab rig is actually easier than most people expect, and once you know how to clean yours you will never forget.

What You Will Need to Clean your Dab Rig

You will need your dirty dab rig of course, plus:

  • A substantial amount of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

  • Table salt, rock salt, or sea salt

  • A plastic bag

  • Two cleaning cloths, preferably something that’s microfiber or similar

  • Cotton Swabs for those places that are hard to reach

  • Cleaning solution (optional)

Making the Cleaning Solution

If you have not already bought a pre made cleaning solution we will have to make one from scratch with some of the ingredients we gathered. Mix 16 ounces of isopropyl alcohol with half a cup of salt in a bag. Shake the bag aggressively until the iso and the salt are completely blended. This will be our dab rig cleaning solution.

Time for the Cleaning Process

It is time to take your oil rig apart and fill it up with our cleaning solution. There are two different methods to ensure we get a deep clean, we can either close off the openings in the dab rig with plastic bags or submerge it completely in a plastic bag full of our solution. Shake firmly to get all the nasty reclaim and residue unstuck from the surface of our dab rig. After a few minutes of shaking we are done, the dab rig should look as clean as when you first bought it.

How to Clean the Hard to Reach Spots on My Dab Rig?

You might have gone through the whole cleaning process and still have a tiny bit or residue left in a spot that is hard to reach. Do not panic, this is what we have our cotton swabs for. Dab your cotton swab lightly into the cleaning solution to soak it. Use the soaked cotton swab to scrub those tiny spots and get rid of any left over resin. The second and easiest way to clean these spots is to run boiling water through your dab rig (if you have good quality thick glass). This will most likely get rid of any hard spots.

dirty dab rig

Lets Clean Your Banger

To clean your quartz banger, get those previously soaked cotton swabs and rub them all throughout the glass surface. Do this until it looks completely clean.

How to Clean Dab Nails

To clean a dab nail you will use the same ingredients we already gathered. Just pour cleaning solution into a plastic bag, close it and shake it. You will be left with a brand new dab nail.

How to Clean a Carb Cap?

Cleaning carb caps is very easy due to their small size. Put your carb cap inside a ziploc bag and fill it up with our alcohol and salt solution and shake it. The residual carbon and leftover dab will fall right off and you will be left with a clean carb cap.

What Cleans Dab Rigs the Best?

For the most effective deep clean a dab rig can ever get, we are going to need a specialized cleaning solution. These can be bought here, they are specifically made for the purpose of cleaning a dab rig.

Can I Clean my Dab Rig with Dish Soap?

Cleaning your dab rig using the dish soap method is not the most efficient but it will help you out of a sticky situation. Rinse your glass with warm water and slight dish soap at a 3:1 ratio. Fill up the dab rig with this mixture and close it up with plastic bags. Then, shake it fast and take off the plastic bags. You will be left with a clean dab rig but it is not the best way possible because a small amount of residue might be left. This is a good method to use if you are looking for ways to clean a dab rig without alcohol.

glass dab rig

How to Clean Electric Dab Rigs?

Electric dab rigs unlike glass or silicone ones cannot be submerged in iso and salt water. You definitely do not want to get water inside the electrical components of your expensive e rig. Luckily there are also ways to clean these types of dab rigs using alcohol.

Step 1: Remove glass attachment from battery.

Step 2: Fill a bag with cleaning solution and soak the glass dab rig attachment.

Step 3: Remove banger or heating mechanism and repeat previous step with it on a separate plastic bag.

Step 4: After shaking bags, your glass should be clean, rinse with water and re attach it.

Step 5: Enjoy a way cleaner dabbing experience.


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