How To Travel With A Bong - All You Need To Know

How To Travel With A Bong - All You Need To Know

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Being a fellow avid stoner means that at some point you have wondered if you can travel with your bong. The answer may vary on different factors such as, the size of your bong, how clean it is, and what it is made of. In this blog we have laid out all you need to know about how to travel with a bong as well as how to find a travel friendly bong and how to prepare your current bongs for travel.

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What Happens If TSA Agents Find My Bong?

Generally speaking, and depending in which state you are in, TSA isn't looking to get you in trouble because you smoke cannabis unless you're actually bringing weed with you on the plane. However, just because you only have a bong with you doesn't mean that you are completely in the clear. This is where situations can get tricky, in this informational blog, we will go over tips and tricks so you can have peace of mind during your travels.

Glass bong for medical marijuana found at airport

If My Bong Is Clean Can I Travel With It?

If your bong is either brand new or perfectly free of any cannabis residue then it is good to take on the plane with you. Obviously you need to take the bong water out before you put it in your luggage but if it looks new then you are in the clear!

The reason for this, drug paraphernalia can be classified as a bong with resin on it. If your bong is clean it can be passed as a tobacco pipe.

Bong with marijuana remains

What If My Bong is dirty?

If your bong is dirty it will not pass as a product for tobacco use and it will be seen as drug paraphernalia instead. Depending whether you have a glass or silicone bong, there are different methods to get your water pipe sparkling clean. We have a whole step by step tutorial on how to clean your bong here. When traveling, we want our bongs to be clean so they can be classified as tobacco pipes and due to paraphernalia laws, this means no stains or dirty spots.

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What are the best travel bongs?

Silicone bongs are the best bongs for traveling overseas because transportation security administration agents wont give you a hard time like they would with a glass bong. If you toss a clean silicone bong in your travel luggage then you are free to fly worry free.

When traveling, you really only need a few essentials to make smoking cannabis a possibility wherever you go. This is where mini bongs come in, there is no need to go overboard and try to take your 3 foot bong with you. A small little clean bong is enough to make sure you can smoke your cannabis wherever you go.

If you want to go with an even safer and more convenient alternative you can give the top puff bongs a try. The top puff portable screw on bong can make any regular water bottle or soda into a fully functional bong. These are cheap, durable and for under $10 you can not go wrong with them.

How Do You Pack A Bong For A Trip?

If you are like me, you like to keep things simple and just toss all your things into a travel bag and go. This is a big no no when it comes to glass bongs because they can easily break and we know that airport staff is not known for handling our belongings with care. This is why you need to make sure you are dealing with a bong made of durable materials and that it is cushioned. What the team likes to do here at Goldenleaf is wrap our smoking accessories (glassware/water pipes) with our clothes that way if they move around they won't shatter.

How to avoid bringing a bong with you in the first place

Consider having your bong meet you at your destination and avoid any hassle completely! Traveling is expensive as it is, most of the time, carrying extra weight with you also means spending extra cash. Consider ordering bong online to the address of your destination and have it get there the day you get there! Most of the time online prices for bongs are better than smoke shops and there are very affordable options.

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General Things To Look Out For

When traveling on an airplane with a bong, it's important to keep in mind a few key considerations to ensure a smooth and successful journey. Firstly, it's important to check the airline's policy on carrying bongs or other smoking paraphernalia. Many airlines have strict rules on the transport of such items and may not allow them on board.

It is a good idea to pack your travel bong in a discreet, padded case to prevent damage during transport and to avoid drawing attention to it. It's also important to consider airport security regulations and be prepared to have your bong inspected at the airport.

If local or federal law applies to you in a negative way, it is better to not risk it and just buy the bong online or once you get there.

Keep in mind that if your bong is deemed illegal in your destination, you may face penalties or even criminal charges. To avoid any issues, it's always best to research the laws and regulations of your destination before you travel.



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