How To Make An Apple Pipe


Most of us have been through times where we were trying to smoke cannabis but didn't have the smoking devices needed in order to spark up. Some will use soda cans, aluminum foil, or even a pen in order to build a homemade pipe. But these are honestly some of the worst and unhealthiest ways to create a smoking device that is just going to harm your lungs. 

Matter of fact, you should take a look at this apple pipe; in order for you to carry a discreet pipe and not have problems again making one.

Luckily for us smokers, there is a better way to build a homemade pipe, in this case an apple pipe coming straight from our kitchen or yard. In this article, we will be going over on how to make an apple pipe step by step.


An apple pipe is a homemade pipe made from an apple, used as a smoking device in order to smoke cannabis or tobacco. Apple pipes are one of the cheapest and healthiest diy smoking devices to spark your weed; it is also one of the fastest ways to create a homemade pipe. 

Whether you're looking for a discreet tool or it's just that you don’t have a smoking device, creating an apple pipe is a great and healthy way to smoke your weed!


  • Apple
  • Poking tool, such as a pen, nail, toothpick, etc
  • Spoon

Tools To Create An Apple Pipe


Steps on making the apple pipe - Step 1:

Grab your apple and twist off the apple stem; this will create a natural bowl at the top of the apple. We recommend using a knife or a spoon in order to carve your bowl and make it as big as a real bowl.
Apple Pipe Remove Stem

Step 2:

Next, use your poking tool to create the first hole on the side of your apple all the way through the middle underneath where your bowl is located or all the way to the other side if you are trying to generate a choke (the carb). The first hole will function as the mouthpiece while the second hole will act as the carb. Creating a choke lets you trap the smoke inside with your finger, and as soon as you move your finger, the air helps to direct the smoke inside the apple. It is easier to make the hole with a pen, since you can just remove the ink well and the pen will construct a tube inside your apple.
Create Passage Hole On Apple Pipe

 Step 3:

Use again one of your poking tools; we recommend using a nail this time to poke a very small hole in order to connect your bowl to the passage hole you created before. This will let the smoke pass through the passage hole as soon as you inhale like a regular pipe.

Connect Bowl to Passage Hole on Apple Pipe

 Step 4:

Now, is the time to test it out before putting your flower in your bowl. Only inhale through your hole you’ve chosen as the mouthpiece and check if the air can flow appropriately. If you also have a hole acting as the carb remember to close it with your finger while testing it out. So if everything works good and the air flow works correctly, congratulations now you know the process of making an apple pipe!
Test Apple Pipe




With your apple pipe ready to use, now the only things you need is a lighter and some dank weed, just kidding, any type of strain of weed works great on this! Simply, start packing the bowl as you would with any other pipe and when your bowl is ready light up your bowl while inhaling through your chosen mouthpiece. 

Keep in mind that the amount of weed you put in the bowl will determine how long you can take a hit from this. So if you are trying to take fat rips from this, we recommend you to carve a bigger bowl, works crazy! 

We also have this glass apple pipe that we sell here at Golden Leaf Shop. It is an awesome product that looks just like a real apple for all the discreet smokers!


Honestly, we don’t recommend you clean an apple pipe since the apple can get really dirty and musty from the inside and making another apple pipe doesn’t take much of a time. 

But if you happen to do so, get any tool that will fit inside the tube you created for your mouthpiece and bowl. Any poking tool like a toothpick functions great in order to remove dirtiness, inside your apple pipe. 

Simply start by scooping out all burnt ashes left inside, then scraping the inside will also be a must since a layer of burnt ash and flower will be created on the surfaces of the passage hole. You must want to clean the apple pipe with an ashtray, since cleaning it out can leave you with a mess.  


When we’re talking about which type of apple is the best to use as a pipe, definitely the gala apple. The gala apple is the best apple to use as a pipe, since this apple is both juicy and hard inside, so it doesn’t get mushy and lasts you longer. 

One great thing about this apple is that you can find it easily in any local supermarket. Nevertheless, with any type of apple you can make a great apple pipe that will give you fat rips!


An apple pipe's longevity differs from the kind of apple it was created with. Usually apple pipes last only a day, but it can really depend on the facts of how much you use it, how you use it, how much do you clean it, etc. 

So if you take care of the apple pipe it can last you up to a few days, but that will force you to put the apple in the fridge every time you don’t use it. Using it past will ruin the taste and the experience with it, so we recommend throwing it away on the first day.


For the cannabis consumers, choosing an apple is the best option when making a homemade pipe. For the reason that, it is one of the healthiest and safest options you would have when making one, plus it is really effective and beneficial, since you can use this pipe on the-go. 

Other people may use soda cans, aluminum foil, or even worse things, but these are some of the worst options you can choose as mentioned before. Soda cans are made from aluminum, and the process when you light up your flower, will make the soda can heat. This may result in inhalation of aluminum, which can cause the risks of leukoencephalopathy or the metal fume fever. [1]


When smoking weed out of an apple, there's a probability that the smoke you inhale can lead you to taste the sweet of the apple, but not at all times. It can depend on the type of apple you are smoking out of it, some are more juicy than others, but even if you get the perfect apple that doesn’t mean you will taste the flavor.

If it does taste like an apple, then you will have a really cool experience that just pleasures your mouth and your taste receptors, causing you to feel nice emotions.


After using an apple pipe for one single time, people should not be eating this since it can cause severe risks. 

You may wonder what can happen to you, and the problem is that when you light up an apple the butane from the lighter touches the apple, which makes it instantaneously poisonous. This can lead to an infection, shock, burns in the airway, or even death if there’s too much butane. [2]


Now, after reading this article you should be an expert when making your own apple pipe. It is super easy for just the simple steps and supplies it takes on building one.

Remember that you can make a pipe out of other fruits, which can be really interesting and fun. Hope this article was helpful, so you don't have to waste your time buying rolling papers again.

Derek Garza


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