Glass Donut Nectar Collector Multiple Colors
Nectar Collector with Quartz Tip Donut Yellow
Donut Nectar Collector Yellow
Glass Donut Nectar Collector Blue
Nectar Collector Glass Donut Blue
Quartz Tip Nectar Collector with Donut Hole Red
Glass Donut Nectar Collector Red

Glass Donut Nectar Collector with Quartz Tip

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When it comes to nectar collectors, there are simple ones and then there are cool ones for those who are serious about their dabbing. These nectar collectors are simply beautiful to hold and look at, enough to just keep them as a collectors piece of art. They have a donut shape in the middle that provides a unique look but also adds functionality to these glass nectar collectors. These quartz tip nectar collectors have better functionality than regular ones due to the fact that when using these you do not run the risk of wax running up to your mouth. This is because the middle donut provides the function of not allowing your dabs to run up the glass body of this dab tool. 

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Juan Fran
Great nectar collector

Got here really fast, I like that it prevents from wax touching my mouth