Where can you vape? All about the Vaping Regulations in Spain

Where can you vape? All about the Vaping Regulations in Spain

where can you vape

Technology is always ahead of the law. The appearance of new technologies is going at a dizzying pace that the legislation is not able to follow, so that sometimes the use of certain advances is in a kind of legal limbo waiting for new regulations. This is the situation in which the use of electric scooters is currently found, in which many cities still do not have any regulations in force that regulate them. In the case of electronic cigarettes it was like that. When they began to enter the market there was no law limiting their use in any space. However, it was not long before regulations were established that limited the use of vapers in certain spaces. Currently there is some confusion and misinformation about the legal landscape, that is why we want today in the SinHumo Sevilla blog, we want to shed light on the Spanish legislation on the use of the vaper. Keep reading because this interests you a lot!

What does the Spanish legislation say about vaping?

One of the main doubts that all vapers have is knowing where we can use our vape and where not. The legislation has changed a lot in recent years not only in our country, but in many parts of the world.

The first thing to keep in mind is that in Spain, regulations only limit nicotine vaping in certain public spaces.

Where is vaping prohibited?

According to Spanish legislation, vaping with nicotine is expressly prohibited in:

    The centers and dependencies of public administrations and public law entities.

    Health centers. They also include outdoor or covered spaces, included in their enclosures.

    In all teaching and training centers, except in the open-air spaces of universities or colleges and centers exclusively dedicated to the training of adults.

    By means of public transport (taxis, buses, subways, trains, boats and planes).

    In the enclosures of playgrounds or play areas for children, including outdoor spaces that have equipment specifically designed for children's play.

Where can you vape?

Again following the regulations, you can even vape with nicotine in other spaces, as it is not expressly prohibited. Except in closed spaces that belong to the state or public transport, everything will depend on common sense and the owners of the establishment. To make it even easier for you, we are going to mention the most common spaces that generate the most doubts.

    Can I vape in vape bars? It is not prohibited by law, although it will be up to the owner to allow it or not. In this case, it is important to be respectful and if we have a powerful electronic cigarette that generates a lot of steam, it would be best not to use it in small, closed bars.

    Can I vape at the movies? As with bars, there is no prohibition. But common sense must prevail.

    Can I vape at work? If you don't work in a state building, yes. But as always, it will depend on the rules of the company.

    And in a shopping center? Same case as the previous ones. There is no law that prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in shopping malls.

This applies to the entire national territory, except in the Basque Country, where they have the same restrictions for vaping with nicotine as for tobacco.

Now you know the regulations about vaping in Spain. As a conclusion we will say that you can do it anywhere except smoke marijuana, health, educational and public transport. Although it will always depend on company policy and our own common sense. Respect is above all and we vapers are known for it. Let's prove it!



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