What is Reclaim and Should You Smoke It?

What is Reclaim and Should You Smoke It?

If you've ever smoked flower or concentrates, you have encountered reclaim. Reclaim refers to the residual concentrate that collects in your bong, dab rig or nectar collector after use. It’s a less potent, but still an active byproduct that has many uses. This article demystifies “what is reclaim”, guiding you through its science, uses, collection methods, handling and most importantly... is it worth it?

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis reclaim is the leftover byproduct of dabbing or smoking. It is less potent than fresh concentrate, with THC levels around 30-60%, and it lacks terpenes responsible for flavor and aroma.

  • You can smoke reclaim, use it in edibles or dab it again. It will provide a strong yet functional high due to the reduced THC levels. The smoke will be harsher and less tasty.

  • Collecting reclaim can be done through various methods, including using a reclaim catcher with your dab rig, extraction with heat or alcohol, freezing the reclaim, or simply scooping it out. Proper storage of your reclaim is key to preserve its potency and safety.

  • Smoking reclaim is not without its side effects. You can expect: a sore throat, lung irritation or headaches

Understanding Cannabis Reclaim

understanding reclaim

You’re probably wondering, “What exactly is this gooey substance in my dab rig?” Well, that, my friend, is cannabis reclaim, the re-condensed form of cannabis concentrates that’s left behind after a dabbing session. Unlike the fresh concentrates you started with, reclaim is a byproduct of the heat and vaporization process. It has a gummy consistency that is super sticky.

While it might not be as potent as your initial dab, dab reclaim still harbors active cannabinoids, with THC levels often ranging from a respectable 30 to 60 percent of the original dab.

The Science Behind Reclaim

When it comes to reclaim, anywhere from 30-65% of the original THC from your concentrate will still be present. This THC is already decarboxylated meaning it will easily be absorbed by your endocannabinoid system, making its effects hit much faster. This decarboxylated THC is also ready to be used in edibles (more on this later).

Although reclaim does retain a large amount of THC from the original concentrate, most of the fresh terpenes are destroyed in the initial combustion process. This means that reclaim will not have the fresh flavor that is associated with a brand new, cold-pressed dab (or any brand new dab).

Keep in mind that the combustion process can have other effects reclaim, including leaving carbon byproducts, which can alter your experience.

Reclaim Resin vs Live Resin: Key Differences

Amidst the sticky universe of cannabis byproducts, it’s easy to confuse reclaim, or reclaimed resin with live resin. Yet, these two are as different as night and day. Live resin is that aromatic, sticky substance found on your cannabis plants, rich with both cannabinoids and terpenes, offering a symphony of flavors and scents. This type of live resin is extracted from the cannabis plant using hydrocarbon extraction, which can be turned into beautiful hash or concentrates.

Reclaim resin, on the other hand, is what this article is dedicated to. The sticky residue that is left in your pieces after smoking. It has less terpenes, less flavor, less THC but will still provide wonderful effects for those who are brave enough to try.

Can you Smoke Reclaim?

can you smoke reclaim?

So, you’ve got this collection of reclaim at your fingertips, but can you actually smoke it? Technically, yes, but should you? That’s where opinions diverge. Smoking reclaim is like attending a concert where the lead singer has lost their voice; it lacks the melody of taste and smell that makes the original concert – or in this case, concentrate – truly enjoyable. It’s akin to re-reading a book with the best chapters ripped out. Sure, you’ll get the story, but the experience is lessened. And let’s not forget, reclaim demands a high temperature to ignite, which can be harsh on your lungs and throat.

But if you’re looking for a functional buzz and are okay with a harsher taste, reclaim can get you high, thanks to its active cannabinoids.

Collecting Cannabis Reclaim from your Bong or Dab Rig

Collecting Reclaim

Now, we will discuss how to collect this elusive substance. Whether your tool of choice is a bong or a dab rig, you’ve got options when it comes to collecting reclaim. For the connoisseur looking to keep their rig pristine, a drop-down attachment or reclaim catcher is your best friend, making collection a breeze and keeping your rig cleaner for longer.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, running your rig under hot water or dissolving reclaim in alcohol and giving it a good shake can be just as effective. Just remember, whatever method you choose, the goal is to preserve the reclaim’s integrity for a high-quality encore performance.

Why you should consider using "Reclaim Catchers"

If you are serious about maximizing your reclaim, then a nifty little device known as a reclaim catcher could be beneficial. A reclaim catcher is a certain type of ash catcher. These attachments are the unsung heroes of the dab world, capturing those precious leftovers and making cleanup a walk in the park. Not only do they streamline the collection process, but they also serve as guardians, keeping your rig cleaner and your face safer from the heat of the nail.

Whether you opt for a simple drop-down model or a custom artistic piece, adding a reclaim catcher to your arsenal is a savvy move for any dabber looking to maximize their concentrate’s lifespan and keep their dab rig/bong much cleaner!

Using Heat to Extract Reclaim

Using heat to extract reclaim

Sometimes, applying a bit of heat can coax the reclaim out of hiding. By using a torch to warm up your rig, you can melt the reclaim and watch it drip down, ready for its second act. Use wax paper or a glass jar to collect the melting reclaim. It’s a delicate dance, though – too much heat, and you risk burning away the cannabinoids, making your reclaim very weak or possibly unusable.

The key to doing this correctly is patience and precision. Once the reclaim has been collected onto your wax paper or glass jar, let it cool and solidify. It will soon be ready for its second use.

Using Alcohol to Extract Reclaim

For those who prefer a methodical approach, alcohol extraction serves as a viable method. Here’s how it works:

  1. Dissolve reclaim in high-proof grain alcohol.

  2. Give your rig a good shake to mix the reclaim and alcohol.

  3. Let the alcohol work its magic, breaking down the reclaim into a liquid potion. (This can take 10-30 minutes)

Once you’ve cast out the reclaim, the alcohol must be patiently evaporated, leaving behind a purified essence ready for new adventures. Leave your alcohol/reclaim mixture by a sunny window for 1-2 days to ensure that all the alcohol has been evaporated. Just remember, no open flames around this chemical process – safety first!

Once the alcohol has been fully evaporated, simply scrape up the reclaimed resin and you are ready to start dabbing!

How to get Reclaim out of a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors, those sleek, straw-like devices for savoring concentrates, also accumulate reclaim, and freeing it requires a similar approach to that of bongs and dab rigs. The specific method you use will be determined by the shape and size of your nectar collector. Whether you’re shaking things up with alcohol or opting for a collector tool, the end goal is the same: to collect reclaim for future use.

Extracting reclaim from a nectar collector

The heat method works very well with straight nectar collectors because the shape allows for the reclaim to slip directly out. Once again, utilize patience and don't use too much heat.

If you find yourself with a silicone nectar collector, try the freezing method:

  1. Place the nectar collector in the freezer overnight.

  2. After it has been frozen, take it out and twist it or scoop it gently.

  3. The reclaim should pop right out, ready for whatever creative consumption method you choose next.

Utilizing Cannabis Reclaim: Creative Ways to Consume

How to use reclaim

Once you’ve gathered your reclaim, you are ready to put it to use. You can dab it, infuse it into your edibles, or even smoke it if you’re so inclined. Dabbing reclaim will be the fastest and strongest method to extract the remaining THC from your collected reclaim.

When it comes to edibles, reclaim is a versatile ingredient that blends seamlessly into your culinary creations while adding a potent kick to your dishes.

How to Dab Reclaim: A Potent Alternative

Dabbing reclaim is akin to giving a performance an encore. Its potency lies in the activated cannabinoids that survived the first act. So, when you heat your nail and lay down that dab of reclaim, you’re not just revisiting the past; you’re experiencing a concentrated form of your original concentrate, complete with a full cast of cannabinoids, albeit with a more subdued flavor profile, and a lower THC percentage.

Because Reclaim has already been heated once, in order to dab reclaim you will need to use a much stronger heat than regular. Make sure you are using high quality glass or metal pieces to prevent any unwanted carcinogens from slipping into your smoke. Although dabbing reclaim is the strongest and fastest method to use reclaim, the smoke will be much harsher than normal. If that sounds like a problem for you, you should try edibles!

Making edibles with reclaim

Cooking with Reclaim: Infusing Edibles

Cooking with reclaim is one of the best methods to use if you want to get the most out of your reclaim. The benefits of using reclaim is that it is already decarboxylated, meaning it is ready to be mixed into butter or oil, no additional work required!

By infusing reclaim into cooking oil or butter, you can add it into your recipes, creating edibles that are both potent and palatable. It’s an art of masking and enhancing, turning the undesirable taste of reclaim into a subtle, background note in your culinary symphony.

Potential Health Concerns and Risks

While reclaim presents numerous possibilities, it also comes with some drawbacks. Health concerns such as lung irritation and sore throat loom on the horizon for those who choose to smoke reclaim. The side effects may not be too serious, but they’re a reminder to tread carefully and consider whether the reclaimed treasure is worth the potential risks.

If you're someone who has a larger budget for weed, we would recommend throwing reclaim away and sticking to fresh buds/concentrates. Keep your pieces clean to enjoy the best smoking experience possible!

As for someone who is smoking on a tight budget, smoking reclaim is a great way to get the maximum amount of THC! We don't judge, that's why we made this guide after all.

Rich man smoking weed

Quality Matters: Factors Influencing Reclaim's Safety

In the world of reclaim, what you put in is what you get out. The quality of your original weed or cannabis product plays a pivotal role in determining the potency and experience of smoking reclaim. A high-end concentrate might yield reclaim potent enough to rival fresh concentrates, while a lower-end product could leave you with a lackluster residue that barely has any THC.

Proper Storage and Handling of Reclaim

To preserve the integrity of your reclaim, proper storage and handling are paramount. Think of it as curating a fine wine – keeping it in a cool, dark place, away from the ravages of time and light, ensures that its quality remains unspoiled. By storing it correctly, you not only maintain its potency but also protect yourself from the potential respiratory irritants that can arise from mishandling.

Maximizing the Benefits of Cannabis Reclaim

Embracing cannabis reclaim is not just about squeezing every last drop from your concentrates; it’s a testament to savvy consumption and resourcefulness. By learning how to collect cannabis reclaim, you’re not only extending the life of your cannabis but also engaging in consuming reclaim, making it an economical choice that resonates with the frugal connoisseur.

Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Consumption

The art of reclaiming is more than just a personal benefit; it’s a nod to environmental stewardship. By repurposing the remnants of your dab sessions, you’re partaking in an eco-friendly practice that involves reclaim resin and:

  • Reduces waste

  • Reduces the need for continuous production of new cannabis products

  • Conserves resources

  • Aligns with the principles of sustainable living

Making each dab not just a pleasure but a responsible choice for the planet.

Environmentally friendly cannabis consumption


As we close the curtain on our journey through the world of cannabis reclaim, it’s clear that this byproduct is more than just residue; it’s a resource ripe for repurposing. From dabbing to edibles, reclaim offers a second chance to enjoy the essence of your concentrates, albeit with a different character. While reclaim’s allure is undeniable, it’s important to weigh its potential benefits against the health risks and ensure proper handling to enjoy it safely.

Reclaim FAQ

As we’ve explored the world of reclaim, you may have formulated some questions, seeking answers. From the nuances of reclaim’s composition to the methods of its collection, it’s natural to seek clarity on this sticky subject. Whether you’re contemplating the potential side effects of smoking reclaim or the ideal cleaning method for your rig, the answers lie within the knowledge we’ve shared, illuminating the path to informed decisions.

Is AVB (Already Vaped Bud) Considered Reclaim?

A common question is whether AVB, the remnants from a vaporizing session, falls in the same category as reclaim. While both are byproducts of cannabis consumption, they hail from different processes. AVB is the aftermath of vaporization, where cannabinoids have been gently heated, leaving behind a less potent but still valuable material.

Unlike reclaim, which is born from the smoke and heat of dabbing, AVB is a milder cousin that can be repurposed into edibles or capsules without the harsh byproducts associated with reclaim.

Is it safe to use reclaim?

Yes, reclaim is generally safe to consume, despite having poor taste and harsh smoke. If you are 100% concerned about the health consequences of reclaim, don't smoke it! In fact, we would recommend not smoking at all, stick to vaporizers and edibles as a healthier alternative.

What can you do with reclaim dabs?

You can use reclaim dabs for dabbing, edibles, tinctures, and topicals, but they won't have as much flavor as the original form. However, they still contain plenty of cannabinoids.

Does reclaim get you high?

Yes, you can get high from cannabis reclaim, but the high may be weaker compared to pure cannabis or other concentrated products. The reclaim can still contain up to 65.3% total cannabinoids, including delta-9-THC.

What exactly is reclaim?

Reclaim is the re-condensed leftover from dabbing cannabis concentrates, containing high levels of active cannabinoids, usually between 30 to 60 percent THC.

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