Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil Vape: How to Choose

Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil Vape: How to Choose

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The Mesh Coil is a term that has recently sprung into the forefront of popular vape marketing. It is now being utilized in both custom mods and disposable vapes alike. This sudden takeover of the vape coils market left many wondering:

  • Why should I care what coil technology is in my vape?
  • What exactly is a mesh coil?
  • What advantages do mesh coils have over standard coils?

These questions and many more will be thoroughly answered in this article.

What is a Vape Coil, and What Does it Do?

In order to truly appreciate the difference between a mesh coil and a traditional coil we must first take a step back and understand the basic anatomy behind every vape.

Parts of every vape: Battery, Coil, Mouthpiece

Nowadays, vaping devices vary greatly in their size, shape and parts, but there is three things that every vape must have: A Battery, A Heating Element (coil/atomizer), and a mouthpiece. (Other parts a vape may have are: drip tip, o-ring, fill port, power button, airflow control, threading, tank, 510 connector etc) In layman's terms: the battery heats up the coils and then the coils heat the e liquid soaked into a cotton wick to begin the vapor production. The user then inhales through the mouthpiece to begin their vaping experience.

As demonstrated by this oversimplified description of how a vape works, the vape coil plays a significant role in how the e juice is vaporized, determining the vapor density and flavor intensity of a vape device. To make a long story short, the vape coil technology within a vape device can change the entire vaping experience.

How are Mesh Vape Coils Different from Traditional Coils?

Traditional coils, or regular coils, have a simple design which is easier to produce. They work by wrapping a singular piece of coil in a spiral around a cotton wick to heat and vaporize the e-juice. The types of metal used in vape coils include but are not limited to: Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Titanium. They get extremely hot and heat only a small surface area of the cotton, causing a multitude of complications. Anyone who has used a vape with a traditional coil technology has definitely suffered from: burnt coils and cotton, excessively warm vapor, and a constant need to replace your cotton.

As the name suggests, mesh coils are comprised of thin metal sheets with holes in them resembling a honeycomb design. Technically speaking, mesh coils are not a brand new technology; they have been around for a few years. Products in the disposables market such as the Esco Bars Mesh and the Elf Bar BC5000 have brought mass attention to the mesh coil technology and basically established it as the "gold standard" for vaping coils.

Single Coil vs Mesh Coil Vaping technology

Advantages of the Mesh Coil compared to Regular coils

Mesh coils offer various upgrades and solutions to the regular vape coils. For starters, mesh coils cover a much larger surface area than the traditional spiral heating element. This allows a more evenly distributed temperature throughout the cotton wick. In addition, mesh coils heat at a much cooler temperature. Other advantages of the mesh coils vs regular coils are:

Greater Flavor Intensity -

Because the mesh coil covers a much larger surface area of the cotton wick at a lower temperature, it is able to vaporize more e juice while keeping the cotton properly soaked during long hits. This combination of surface area and lower temperature allows for a more intense flavor in each hit. Although flavor is something that is subjective and varies which each user, most vapers will agree that a more intense flavor is a better flavor. It is important to test different e juices and flavors to find which one suits you the best.

Stronger Hit -

Vapes with mesh coils hit much harder than their regular coil counterparts. Similar to the flavor intensity, the mesh coils larger surface area produces a much stronger and denser hit. If you are using a vape juice that contains nicotine, this will strengthen its effects, so keep that in mind.

Consistent Hits -

Anyone who vapes regularly knows that not all hits are created equal. They can sometimes be burnt-tasting, flavorless, or just weaker overall. This is caused by an inconsistency in how the e juice is distributed throughout the wicking material. The traditional, round wire coil, uses extreme heat on a small surface area of the wicking material. This causes the e juice to be burnt unevenly. On the contrast, the mesh coils evenly distributed heating is much better poised to achieve optimum performance and remarkably more consistent hits.

Lower Wattage -

Since the mesh coil covers a larger amount of the cotton wick, it requires much less power while providing uniform heating. This translates to a longer lasting battery and a smaller chance of burnt coil or burnt tasting hits.

Longer Lifespan -

The lower temperature of the mesh coils make them last significantly longer than traditional coils. This minimizes the hassle of having to replace devices or coils, saving the user time and money.

Faster Activation -

Mesh Coils are also known to activate more rapidly than a regular coil. This minimizes the time between activation and inhalation increasing cloud production and enhancing the overall vaping experience.

These advantages of the mesh coil firmly establish it as the current best and highest preferred coil for vaping. It is only a matter of time until mesh coils replace the majority of dual coils, quad core coils, round wire coils, and clapton coils. In spite of this, there are a few distinct reasons that certain vapers will prefer to stick with their regular coils.

Disadvantages of the Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil

Although few and far between, the mesh coil does have a few disadvantages, which come down more to personal preference than a concrete shortcoming. After all, there is no one right way to vape, and everyone should curate and experience that suits them.

  • Cooler Vaping Experience - Although this may be a benefit to some, there is no doubt that a lot of vapers enjoy a warmer vapor. Although this can cause a harsher drag and a shorter lifespan on your coil, some vapers will definitely stick to their traditional coils because of the heat preference.
  • Drains E Liquid Faster - Along with a more intense flavor and stronger hit comes a faster consumption of e liquid. This a classic case of not being able to have your cake and eat it too. In order to produce stronger flavor, denser clouds, and potent hits, more e juice must be consumed. There is no way around it. When comparing a mesh coil to its more traditional counterpart, the mesh coil will definitely use e liquid at a much faster rate.
  • Health Consideration - Similar to the last point, a stronger hit with more dense smoke means exactly that: a stronger hit with more dense smoke. If you have made it this far in the article then it is safe to assume you understand and accept the risks associated with vaping. It is important to point out that mesh coils may accelerate some of the negative consequences of vaping by producing too much vapor. Despite this, there is much evidence to show that vaping is significantly less damaging than tobacco combustion.


All in all, the coil design in your device has a sizable impact on the way your vape functions. Both mesh coils and regular coils have their place in the market, but hopefully this article helped you understand which one is right for you. Mesh coils work by providing more uniform heating over a larger surface area, therefore increasing the flavor profile and density of each hit, giving it the upper hand in most debates. Mesh coils create huge vapor clouds and are a great option for those who want to maximize the strength of their vape, while also preserving battery power by vaping in low wattage ranges. For those who want a harsher and warmer vapor, sticking to standard coils will be your best bet.

Test it for Yourself

If you would like buy a flavorful and strong mesh coil disposable, the Elf Bar bc5000 is the best option. They are available in over 45 unique flavors and are one of the main pioneers in the mesh coil revolution. Check out our Elf Bar Flavor Guide to ensure you make a great decision!


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