Is Delta 8 Safe for You? An expert’s guide on how to choose reputable brands.

Is Delta 8 Safe for You? An expert’s guide on how to choose reputable brands.

This blog will teach you how to safely choose Delta 8 brands and retailers.
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Delta-8 THC products have skyrocketed onto the market within the last few years, especially in markets that still haven’t legalized recreational cannabis. With its new rise to fame and popularity, it is important to not only understand what is delta 8 , but also understand the best practices for choosing which brands and products to buy. This blog will cover a detailed explanation on how to make a sophisticated choice when choosing your next Delta 8, Delta 10 or any other hemp derived products.

Reputable Delta 8 Brands

Here at Goldenleaf we only source products from companies that lab test their vapes and edibles on a regular basis. There are tons of brands that do not test their products and that is why we only sell top quality. Regardless whether you buy from us or not, we advise everyone to only get products that have Certificates of Authentication.

The Delta 8 THC Dilema

Delta 8 appears as a wonderful product, allowing those who live where cannabis is outlawed to experience some of the benefits of cannabinoids (in a much milder way). Despite its very obvious benefits (elevated mood, decreased anxiety, alleviating nausea, pain management, sleep-aid etc), Delta 8 is plagued by a variety of issues stemming from the fact it exists in virtually unregulated markets: outside of state licensed and state regulated cannabis stores. This means that the government is not playing a large role in the testing of Delta 8 vapes, cartridges and gummies.

Delta 8 Edibles

Since 2019, there have been multiple studies highlighting the corner cutting and unsafe practices of various Delta 8 manufactures who do not have their customers interests in mind. These studies show a multitude of cases where Delta 8 products contain harmful pesticides and chemicals such as Vitamin E oil. 

This places the responsibility of testing and safe practices onto the retailers and individual consumers. 

How Do I Know What I’m Buying?

Fortunately for us, there are a few steps we can take to better understand what is in your Delta 8 and where it is coming from. 

1. Buy your Delta 8 products from reputable stores and brands that specialize in Delta 8.
This means skipping out on your local gas station or convenience store that also happens to sell Delta 8 right next to bubble gum and lottery tickets. Although it may be the closest place to buy, these stores view Delta 8 products as an “add-on” or “upsell” to their already established business and don’t have the same incentive to research their products and manufactures.
2. Ask for Lab Reports when purchasing.
Although it may seem ridiculous to ask a store for proof their products do not contain harmful contaminants, this is definitely not crossing the line when it comes to what you put into your body. In fact, practices like this are standard in recreational cannabis stores, where all products must be tested on a regular basis. Albeit, it is not realistic to expect a store to carry a recent testing document for EVERY one of their products. They should be able to point you to proof that the products they carry are tested and are purchased from reputable manufacturers.
3. Look for Batch Numbers and Verification codes on product.
Check the sides of your product for specific manufacturing numbers or codes. These codes can sometimes be verified online to confirm the product is legitimate. If you find a verification code that does not work or is duplicate, this can be an indication that you have purchased counterfeit products. Note: Just because your product does not have batch numbers or codes on it does not mean it is illegitimate.
4. Test the Product yourself.
For any retailer or consumer who wants to know EXACTLY what is in their Delta 8 product, the best and most accurate method is to simply test the product. There are various labs that will test the products for potency, harmful metals, toxins, pesticides and much more. 


Delta 8 Lab Testing

The Truth

At the end of the day, we choose to use Delta 8 and similar products to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, and we really don’t want to be burdened with more complications and more things to worry about. The easiest method to getting high quality products is to find a retailer you trust, and stick with them. Here at Golden Leaf Shop we pride ourselves with only offering the highest quality Delta 8 Products as well as an extensive list of lab reports to accompany each and every product we sell.

We are by no means the only retailer who places an extreme importance into testing and ethical practices. Just make sure you do your research before purchasing! 

Disclaimer: [All information contained in this article is opinion. We are not claiming Delta 8 is “safe” or “healthy” for everyone. Please consult your physician, research your local jurisdictions laws and do YOUR OWN research before making a decision] 

Daniel Branca

Daniel Branca is a blogger and journalist specializing in cannabis, vaping and health. He has 7 years of experience in the industry and is commited to providing accurate and up-to-date information. On his off days, he likes to read, workout, and light bowls.

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