Homemade glass bong DIY

How to make a liquor bottle bong

It is very possible that you have seen our Henny bottle bong that is made to look like a Hennesy bottle, maybe you went to a friend's house and saw it or maybe you own one yourself. The first thing that comes to mind when coming across a liquor bottle bong is, How did they make a hole in the glass? Or How can I make a liquor bottle bong myself? That is why here at Goldenleaf we break the steps down in a way that everyone can follow and replicate. 

Step 1: 

Get the right materials, 

For this project you will need a drill, a glass drill bit, a spray bottle, a 90 degree stem and a sharpie. The glass drill bit can be bought at home depot, nothing too complicated. 

Step 2:

Prepare the bottle by cleaning it and drying it. Proceed to trace the stem around the glass bottle to mark where we will be drilling. 

Step 3

Start drilling at a slight angle to cut into the glass and progressively turn it into a straight position. When you fully penetrate the bottle make sure to clean it again and throw away the circular glass piece created. 

Final Step

Once hole has been made, insert your rubber grommet in order to create a watertight seal for the stem. Insert the stem and we have finalized the DIY bong.

After following these steps we now have a fully functional liquor bottle bong. Amaze your friends and family with the uniqueness of this bong. After a few sessions of enjoying your bong and it looks like it is about time to clean it, check out our blog on how to clean a water pipe.



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