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Wulf Next - Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Introducing the Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer

Looking for the best new technology in dry herb vaporizers? Look no further! The Next Portable Vaporizer by Wulf Mods is just that. Wulf Mods combined amazing pure flavor and big clouds into one compact and discreet vape. Not to mention, for the price, there's really nothing better.

Fantastic Features

The Wulf Next is only 4 inches long but packs a powerful punch. It contains a 1600mAh battery as well as 5 temperature settings to ensure you have full control of your sesh. It also has an easy-to-detach magnetic mouthpiece that stays in place while your using it but is easy to remove when you're packing in herbs.

Another plus of the Wulf Next is its very fast activation time. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up which is twice as fast as the average vaporizer on the market. It also haptic feedback (vibration) to let you know once the device is ready to be used.

The Wulf Next also employs rapid usb charging with the usb c cable that comes in the box. For the small size of the Wulf Next, it has a great battery life. Once depleted, it will take around 1 hour for the Wulf Next to reach its full charge. Note: the first time you charge the Wulf Next may require a longer charge time.

Temperature Settings

As mentioned earlier, the Wulf Next dry herb vaporizer has five different temperature settings. These different settings let the user choose if they want more flavor (lower temperature) or larger hits (higher temperature). Once the desired temperature is reached the device will vibrate to alert you.

  1. One Light - 356°F (Most Flavor, Lowest Temperature Setting)

  2. Two Lights - 374°F

  3. Three Lights - 392°F

  4. Four Lights - 410°F

  5. Five Lights - 428°F (Largest Hits, Highest Temperature Setting)

Once the device is on, press the power button twice quickly to swap between temperature settings. Each temperature level will provide a different smoking experience, so make sure you experiment to find one you like best.

Power Boost Mode

For those advanced smokers who are looking to take their session to the next level, the Wulf Next vaporizer has something just for you. The "Power Boost Mode" is activated by pressing and holding the button until all the lights are flashing.

This mode delivers superior sessions by starting the temperature low and raising it by 10 degrees every 5 seconds until it has reached the max temperature. This allows you to get maximum taste at the beginning of the session and work your way up to maximum clouds by the end.

This mode will last for around 4 minutes until the Wulf Next automatically shuts down for safety reasons to prevent battery damage and overheating.

How to Use the Wulf Next

Step 1: Prep Your Herbs

The first step to using the Wulf Next is to prepare your smoking tools correctly. Grind your choice of buds down as much as you can. The smaller the pieces the better they will heat up.

Step 2: Pack the Chamber

Take off the magnetic mouthpiece and fill the chamber to your desired amount. DO NOT pack down your herbs into the chamber.

The Wulf Next needs a sufficient amount of airflow to function at its best, so loosely packed with a thin grind is the best. Note: If you still want to pack down your bud to fit more, make sure you poke a hole through to center to allow for proper airflow.

Step 3: Choose a Temperature and Enjoy!

Once your herbs are correctly placed into the chamber, it is time to place the mouthpiece back on and turn your Wulf Next on. Click the power button 5 times quickly to turn on the device. Now it is time to choose a temperature setting.

Our recommendation is to start at the lowest temperature and slowly move to the next temperature each 3-5 hits. Once again, lower temperatures will have more flavor, while higher temperatures will produce bigger clouds.

After choosing a temperature, wait around 30 seconds until you hear a vibration from the device. You are now ready to enjoy the elevated sessions that come with the Wulf Next. Take slow consistent draws and always use responsibly!

How to Clean the Wulf Next

As with any premium vaping device, it is important to do a thorough cleaning regularly to make sure you always have that good airflow and great tasting hits. Start by removing the mouthpiece and cleaning it with the attached cleaning brush.

Next, remove the screen from the chamber and use the brush to get rid of all residue from the chamber. Simple as that! Make sure you clean your vapes regularly to ensure they stay in tip-top shape.

Bonus: Place your mouthpiece and screens into a plastic bag with cleaning solution. This will get the extra sticky residue out and have your vape feeling like brand new!

What's Included in the Box:

  • Next Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

  • 2x Screens

  • Cleaning Brush Tool

  • Tool for Packing

  • Rapid USB-C charging cable

  • User manual

Customer Reviews

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Great Service and Products

Received the item I order promptly and it was of high quality. I look forward to purchasing other products from your company in the future

Jen Landry
Wulf Next

Saw a youtube video on dry herb vaping to conserve bud and I decided to put it to the test. Overall I am very surprised with how easy it was to use since I am not a tech savvy individual. 9/10! Only complaint is the battery life but I am a heavy user