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Vertex Battery

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Don't be fooled by its price, this battery is a powerful, high-quality tool for the vape pen user on a budget. The Vertex Battery is a discrete 350mah cartridge battery perfect for the on-the-go user. Its compact body pared with a sleek design at an affordable price makes the Vertex Battery ideal alongside any dab pen. In addition to a smooth design, the Vertex Battery also comes with improved user functionality. The Vertex Battery includes 3 fully functional temperature settings aimed to provide the user with their ideal vaping experience. Click the button 3 times to maneuver each temperature setting to find your perfect taste profile and rip size. Choose between: 3.4V, 3.7V and 4.0V temperature settings, each with their own distinct color. All in all, there is nothing more affordable and more reliable than the Vertex Battery.

The Vertex 350mah Battery Charger Kit comes complete with:

  • Battery color of your choice 
  • USB Charge connector for simple charging

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Carlson
Review Vertex

Great Product, Cheapest Price and Colors look amazing!

Best Battery for the Price

For $7 there is really nothing to compare this to. It has a decent battery life and always burns my dab pens just the right way. If youre looking for the cheapest battery that aint complete shit, this is it!

Rene Camano
Fast delivery

They are super fast and efficient. Order from here and they will never disappoint.