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Smoke Buddy Filter

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Tired of stinking up your car, room or apartment? Introducing the Smoke Buddy, the go-to smoke filter made and developed in the United States!

The Smoke Buddy was masterfully engineered to get rid of odor from any type of cannabis or tobacco smoke. It is made with plastic tubing and contains multiple patented carbon filters. These filters are responsible for separating smoke particles and greatly reducing order. This will also significantly reduce secondhand smoking. 

The Smoke Buddy lasts for over 300 separate hits and is made from environmentally friendly materials. It is compact and easy to store away. It also comes with a cute Smoke Buddy keychain. 

Features of the Smoke Buddy

  • Includes your own Smoke Buddy keychain with LED light
  • Travel Caps for discreet storage
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Minimizes second hand smoke
  • Compact and convenient
  • Scientifically removes smoke and odor
  • Estimated 300 tokes!


How to Use a Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy is very easy to use but can take some time to get used to. Simply smoke your bong or pipe as you normally would and then blow out the smoke into the smaller end of the Smoke Buddy.

The smoke traveling through the Smoke Buddy goes through a series of meshes and filters that help to trap the particles and greatly reduce the smell.

Make sure that you are blowing the smoke into the correct end of the smoke buddy after every hit.

Can You Clean a Smoke Buddy?

The Smoke Buddy is not recommended to be cleaned once it is dirty. It lasts around 300 hits and is made from earth-friendly materials so that it can be disposed of after use.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Kiyoni
This one is a guardian angel.

As someone who still lives with their parents, trying to hide the smell was getting harder and harder. I saw this in an Instagram reel and decided to try it out. I was definitely impressed. It hid the smell almost immediately. Get this now!