3 Penis Pipes
Dick Pipe
Penis Pipe Color Dark Purple
Penis Pipe Up View
Penis Pipe Color Teal
Dick Pipe For Weed
Penis Pipe To Smoke Weed
Penis Pipe For Tobacco
Tobacco Pipe
Penis Pipe Color Light Purple
Penis Pipe Color Gray
    Penis Pipe Color Blue
Penis Pipe Color Orange
    Penis Pipe Color Red
Penis Pipe Color Green
Penis Pipe Color Light Blue

Penis Pipe - Silicone Hand Pipe with Removeable Bowl

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The penis pipe is the perfect pipe to smoke your weed if you like the feeling of penis in your mouth. The penis pipe features a very realistic design with detailed veins and nice round balls for you to grip on while you smoke. The shaft is nice and girthy just the way that you like it so you can feel a familiar sensation when you are smoking your desired herbs or grabbing a dick. What is nice about the penis pipe is that the bowl is detachable which makes it really easy to clean.

Penis Pipe Quirks and features:

  • Anatomically accurate depiction

  • Big bowl for your loads

  • 4.5 inches long

  • Detachable bowl for easy cleaning

  • Drop resistant material

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