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Old School Vintage Style Pipe Battery - Golden Leaf Shop
Old School Vintage Style Pipe Battery - Golden Leaf Shop
Old School Vintage Style Pipe Battery - Golden Leaf Shop
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old school vintage style pipe battery

Old School Vintage Style Pipe Battery

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Enjoy the classic style of this 60s inspired glossy wood pipe old school pipe battery. This beleaf pipe battery is made to replicate the aesthetic of a beautifully handcrafted pipe. What makes this pipe cart battery unique is the 900mAh capacity which is easily chargeable with our provided micro-usb cord. The beleaf cart battery is the epitome of combining utility and style. The battery is 1.75 inches, making it discrete and easy to transport.  Made to fit your favorite 510-threaded vape cartridge. Press the button 5 times to turn on your beleaf pipe battery and then press the button to vape your favorite cartridge. What users enjoy the most when it comes to this vintage product is the ease to use and the reliability that it offers the user. The build quality speaks for itself when it comes to any beleaf product which is why it is a favorite amongst vaping enthusiasts. 

Preheat Function

The preheat mode on this pipe vape ensures that you can warm up your cart before you hit it incase you have some really thick oils or e juices. 2 clicks activates the pre heat function and an additional click stops it.

Variable Voltage

One thing about this pipe cart/vape battery that makes it top notch is that it has the modern function of variable voltage. To toggle between the voltages you click the power button 3 times and the battery will blink in a new color indicating a different voltage.

Large Battery Capacity

One thing everyone loves about the pipe battery is that it does not require frequent charging. This little pipe shaped battery will surprise you with the amount of times you can hit your cartridge with it before it dies. It also maintains a steady temperature even when it is on low battery. The battery life in this 510 thread battery is truly impressive and will leave you happy with your purchase. If you would like to check out all of our batteries click here.

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Brassard

Old School Vintage Style Pipe Battery

Love it!

I’ve only had it for about a week but I love it. It hits really well and just looks insanely cool. All my friends asked me where I got it because they want one too lol. Definitely going to be back for more stuff in the future!

Tyler Fogarty

Old School Vintage Style Pipe Battery

Beleaf pipe battery

Works great, use it with Looper cartridges. Feels familiarly comfortable in the palm!

C. Thompson

It is everything I could have wished it was. Pimp as hell 😎