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Lookah Dragon Egg

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The Lookah Dragon features the newest filtration technology on the market. This unique E-Rig is small enough to fit in one hand but packs an extreme amount of power. The water chamber and percolator of the Dragon Egg are made with food grade perspex, making them much more durable than glass percolators.

At first glance, the design of the Lookah Dragon Egg may seem weird and unorganized, but we can assure you that every single piece was carefully crafted with the user in mind. The patented "rib cage" percolator was crafted to maximize the cooling and ventilation while providing a look like no other.

The Dragon Egg E Rig also comes complete with a bright and user friendly LED display screen that will show the status of the preheat mode as well as notify you when the device is ready to use. It also has a magnetic flip cap that exposes the atomizer coil.

Getting more into the technical aspects of the Lookah Dragon Egg this device uses a 950mAh built-in battery (that's a lot of power!) This device is easily chargeable with a type-C connection and has a great battery life that will last for a multitude of hits. Another amazing feature about this product is the variable voltage settings that are available to the user. These setting allow the user to customize their dabbing experience and enjoy a sesh that is just right.

Green Setting- 3.2V This setting will maximize flavor and minimize vapor production.

Blue Setting- 3.6V This setting is for those who want to experience both great flavor and good vapor production.

White Setting- 4.0V This setting will provide the largest hits and biggest clouds.

How to Use the Lookah Dragon Egg E-Rig

  1. Fill the water chamber about 1/3 of the way full with water

  2. Screw the water chamber and percolator back into place and make sure it is secure

  3. Now it is time to load your wax. Open the magnetic flip cap and place a small amount of concentrate into the center of the atomizer coil and then close the flip cap.

  4. Once the concentrate is secured into the heating plate, press the power button 5 times quickly to turn on the Dragon Egg. The device will vibrate to confirm that it has been turned on.

  5. Once it is on the device will begin to preheat. The LED display will count down from 9 to 0 while it is in the preheat mode.

  6. After the preheat has been completed, the device will vibrate once again to let you know that it is ready to be used. Select your preferred voltage setting by clicking the button two times.

  7. Once you have found your preferred voltage setting, you are ready to vaporize your wax. Simply hold down the power button and begin to inhale through the glass straw mouthpiece. The device will time out after 30 seconds of use.

Bonus Steps: Adjust the airflow by covering the carb hole and make sure that you clean your Dragon Egg E Rig after every session to ensure the best smoking experience.

Features of the Lookah Dragon Egg

  • Unique Ribcage Design

  • 950 mAh Battery Capacity

  • Button-Activated

  • Magnetic 710 Thread Quartz Atomizing

  • High End Glass Straw Mouthpiece

  • Available in a Variety of Colors

  • Three Temperature Modes

  • Digital LED Display Screen

  • Type-C Charging Port

What's in the Box?

  • Dragon Egg E Rig by Lookah

  • 2x 710 Thread Coils

  • User Manual

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