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    Nectar Collector Fire Bud
    Fire Bud To Smoke Wax
Nectar Collector Captain More Kush
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Nectar Collector Hempessey
Hempessey For Wax
Nectar Collector Budardi
    Budardi Nectar VIew
Nectar Collector Absolut Indica
Nectar Collector Crown Reefer
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Nectar Collector Jose Chronic
    Jose Cuervo Nectar Collector
    Nectar Collector Gan Jameifter
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Liquor Themed Glass Nectar Collector

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Inspired by the classic liquor brands we all love, this nectar collector is unlike any other. Everyone will be asking where you got this. The liquor themed nectar collector gives a spin to their iconic names by adding a dank twist. 

Experience the Jose Chronic inspired by Jose Cuervo, 

Captain More Kush inspired by Captain Morgan, 

or even the Crown Reefer inspired by Crown Royal

This kit includes your necessary dabbing accessories for the ultimate high. It comes with a small storage container and a metal packing tool. Simply place the heat resistant glass tip into the bottle base to construct the nectar collector. After, enjoy this glass nectar collector like any other by heating the tip and placing it onto your choice of concentrates.

What Is Included? 

  • Bottle Inspired Base
  • Heat Resistant Glass Tip
  • Silicone Dab Storage
  • Metal Packing Tool

Different Designs Available: 

  • Budardi 
  • Jose Chronic
  • Absolut Indica
  • Ganjameister
  • Captain More Kush
  • Fire Bud
  • Crown Reefer
  • Hempessey

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