different colors available for grav hammers
Pink colored nice pipe with big bowl
new hammer hand pipe by grav
hammer pipe with ash catcher bowl
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grav hammer with big bowl

GRAV Hammer Hand Pipe

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The Hammer pipe by Grav Labs is a classic in the world of pipes and it is so for a reason. This Grav Hammer hand pipe matches style with functionality and it is available in a variety of beautiful colors. The pipe has a deep bowl that doesn't directly flow to the mouthpiece so it will catch ash that gets pulled through. The Grav hammer pipe has a flat base which lets the pipe sit flat so it can be put down in between hits. If you like to smoke on quality glass while keeping the design simple and portable, then the hammer will be a prime addition to your collection.

Grav Hammer Hand Pipe Unique Features:

  • Chamber to catch ash

  • Deep bowl

  • Flat base lets the pipe sit

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!

Can pack a hugeee bowl into this pipe. Glad I found this website