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G Pen Connect

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G Pen Connect

What is the G Pen Connect?

The G Pen Connect is the future of dabbing tools. No longer do you need a banger and a torch. Just one simple to use electronic dab nail.

G Pen is known for producing premium state of the art vaping accessories that push the boundaries of what others thought was possible. Powered by an 850 mAh battery and a ceramic heating chamber, this e-nail is guaranteed to burn your concentrates evenly and efficiently.

This device is simple to use and just takes one basic button to heat the nail to the desired temperature setting. Massive and flavorful hits at the click of a button. With the G Pen Connect, you will never have to worry about a torch, nail, or butane.

Besides the cool factor of the G Pen Connect, another unique benefit the user will enjoy is a much reduced cleaning time. Just make sure you swap the chamber after each sesh.

How to use a G Pen Connect?


Make sure your G Pen Connect is fully charged before using. It is charged using a micro usb port located on the side of the device.

Step 2: Connect the glass adapter

Twist the G Pen Connect 14mm male glass adapter into the bottom of the G Pen Connect.

Step 3: Load the concentrates evenly and efficiently

Open the magnetic tank cap located on the top of the device. Place your choice of concentrates into the ceramic heating element. The G Pen Connect works great with all variations of concentrations including: shatter, wax, crumble, rosin, budder, diamonds, and more.

Step 4: Attach the battery and Turn on

Attach the G Pen Connect magnetic battery at the circular connection points. Turn on the device by pressing the device five times quickly.

Step 5: Choose your voltage setting and activate the heat induction

To swap between the G Pen Connect's three temperature settings, click the power button three times quickly. Once you have chosen your desired voltage setting, you are ready to enjoy the power of the G Pen Connect. Just hold the power button to vaporize your concentrates evenly and efficiently.

Note: For an even better smoking experience, utilize the spring loaded carb release for better control of your hits.

What are the voltage settings for the G Pen Connect?

3.1 V - Blue Light: The lightest setting of the G Pen Connect vaporizer. This is the best way to start the sesh and will maximize your flavor profile.

3.6 V - Green Light: At this setting, you will experience both great cloud production and flavor.

4.1 V - Red Light: This is the maximum temperature setting for the G Pen Connect. This will be the most vapor production anytime anywhere.

Features of the G Pen Connect:

  • 850 mAh of power

  • Fits into any 14mm glass joints

  • Magnetic Tank Cap

  • Ceramic Heating Element

  • Spring loaded carb release

  • Three variable voltage settings

What's in the G Pen Connect Kit?

  • G Pen Connect Battery

  • G Pen Connect Tank

  • G Pen Connect Housing

  • G Pen Male Glass Adapter Connector

  • Micro USB to USB Charging Cable

  • 3 Replacement O Rings

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