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Have you ever wondered of a great start to a morning with a sip of coffee and a wake-and-bake sesh? Well, with this phenomenal invention you can do both things at once, and that is why we bring to you the Cupsy! This outstanding cupsy coffee cup bong is a really interesting piece that allows cannabis smokers to smoke in a very discreet way. Having a cupsy coffee cup bong makes life easier for you, looking like a simple coffee cup, while combing an inhalation of weed from this. It would just look as if you were drinking your regular cup of coffee. The mouthpiece functions for you to inhale the smoke inside, while under it you will see a ceramic bowl placed in the ready spot for you to start your sesh. The cupsy ceramic bowl connects with the inside, with a water pipe disguised in order for your inhalation to function. Simply, enjoy your cupsy coffee cup by adding water or any type of liquid inside the cupsy cup, then pack your bowl with your herbs, and just like that light up your bowl and get ready to rip this thing off!


This Cupsy water pipe has a compartment for it to work at it's best. As beneficial, in using the Cupsy compartment, just simply twist the silicone lid off and you will be able to notice the hidden storage compartment in this Cupsy water pipe. With its revolutionary design pairs a smooth pull of taste pure dry herb vaporizer,  just make sure the dry herb is completely tuck so the performance cannabis bubbler system will function at it's finest.


  • Stainless steel cup

  • Ceramic bowl

  • Hidden storage compartment

  • Plastic lid

  • Easy to clean

  • Water pipe disguised

  • Material quality

  • Simple coffee cup apperaence

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