How to Find Bongs on Amazon in 2024 [Updated]

How to Find Bongs on Amazon in 2024 [Updated]

Finding bongs on Amazon is no easy task. It will take time, creativity and patience, not to mention the selection is very small. This article will provide you with the best tips to help you find bongs and other smoking accessories on Amazon.

Why is it So Hard to Find a Bong on Amazon?

Hard to Find Bongs on Amazon

Finding a bong on Amazon is difficult because Amazon is very strict on their seller requirements. They only, allow products that are meant for "tobacco use." They are also very strict in terms of the material used in a bong. They do not want to be responsible for any negative side-effects that may come from bongs.

Amazon also takes a significant cut of the profits from their sellers. This leads to many of the established bong retailers to find alternative distribution methods, such as their own website.

If you are in search of a high quality glass, take a look at our selection of bongs. We offer great prices and fast shipping along with amazing customer service. But don't stop there. There are hundreds of different online stores that sell bongs that are much better than Amazon. Check out our guide on how much bongs cost to make sure you are making an educated purchase.

If you are still adamant on finding bongs on Amazon, we have complied a list of the best tips we could come up with to find a bong on Amazon.

Tips for Finding Bongs On Amazon

Tip 1: Simply Search "Bongs" and Look Around

Searching for Bongs on Amazon

The first and most simple step to finding bongs on Amazon is to search "bongs." You may be able to find some bongs here but you will also find t-shirts, posters, stickers, beer bongs, lighters, ash trays and various other related but miscellaneous items.

Tip 2: Type "Bong" and Click on the Suggested Searches

Finding bongs on amazon using suggested queries

These suggested searches will yield similar results, but some will be better than others. Like we said earlier, finding bongs on amazon takes time and patience.

Tip 3: Use Longer and More Specific Search Phrases

Our best tip for how to find bongs on amazon is to use more specific search terms. For example: instead of searching "bongs," search "silicone bongs." Here are some examples of search terms, but you can get creative and try others:

  • Silicone Bongs

  • Tall Bongs

  • Small Bong

  • Buy Bongs

  • Best Bongs

Overall, these methods may or may not lead you to find a bong. Even if you find a bong, it probably won't be anything high quality. Most of the bongs that you can find on Amazon are cheap, small, or plastic.

Bonus tip: Find a seller who is selling a bong and visit their seller page to find more.


All in all, finding bongs on Amazon is hard, and even when you find some, they really aren't that good. Because of that we recommend purchasing bongs and other smoking products from independent websites like us.

Even if you don't choose to make a purchase from us, there are hundreds of other online headshops that have more bongs than Amazon. If you would like to learn more about bongs and the different types, check out this article.

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