Esco Bars H20

Esco Bars H20 - A Complete Breakdown Of The New Water Based Vaping Technology

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Esco Bars H20 - Diving Deep Into The Newest Vaping Technology

The H20 Esco Bars are the newest addition to the Pastel Cartel brand and they have a revolutionary new technology. Powered by Aquios, the H20 technology means that the nicotine e juice is water based. Never before have seen a vape that supports a 30% water content in their e liquid solution. This means a lot of new things for the user that we have listed below.

Lower Temperature vaping:

Due to the fact that these disposable vapes are water based, they function at a much lower temperature than regular vapes, providing a smoother hit and more chemical stability during the vaping process. Furthermore, water based vaping provides the user a way smoother hit while also being less irritating and dehydrating than regular disposable vapes on the market.

Enhanced Flavor Clarity:

The new water based e liquid in disposable vapes such as the Esco Bars H20 6000 puff disposable vape is known to be much more flavorful. Consumers that have reviewed these vapes have described the H20 vapor as tasting more pure than their traditional counterparts. A smoother hit with better flavor is the reason why these water based disposable vapes are taking over the market.

Increased Flavor Variety:

Due to the fact that these water based New Esco Bars are focused on providing a higher quality vaping experience through better flavor and a smoother hit, more flavors are coming out that are unique to the H20 lineage. A lot of crowd favorite flavors are surprisingly only available with the new water based technology. This solidifies the fact that the new wave when it comes to vaping is surely the new Esco Bars H20 by Aquios.

Esco Bars H20 Flavors Available:

Most of the traditional fan favorite flavors are also available in the H20 form, as well as a lot of new ones. A complete list of the variety available here at Golden Leaf can be found here. If you are looking for the traditional Esco Bars, which have over 45 unique flavors click here.

We have made a video reviewing these new vapes. In this video we open up 2 different flavors and hit these for the first time so you can see our unbiased reaction. We weigh different attributes that make up these new vapes and give them an overall score based on their performance. We dive deep into the flavor, build quality, amount of hits and price range of the new Esco Bars H20.

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