Best Esco Bars Flavors | A Detailed Breakdown

With the rising popularity of the Esco Bars disposable vapes by Pastel Cartel, a lot of people wonder what the best flavor is. It can be hard to pick one flavor out of 33 released Esco Bar flavors in the market right now. We understand that flavor is up to personal preference, that is why we have composed different lists with the best flavors for different people. 

Fruit Lovers

For people who love the sweet taste of ripe fruit these are our best recommendations for you:

  • Blue Raspberry Lemon - This flavor of Esco Bars is a rollercoaster of good flavors, upon first hitting this vape you will be greeted with the distinct taste of blue raspberry. Once you exhale the vapor from this device you will be able to notice the hint of lemon that this vape leaves behind. 
  • Watermelon Bubblegum - For those that are fanatics of the bubblegum flavor, you will love this vape. The watermelon flavor is the perfect addition to the classic bubblegum flavor and the team at Pastel cartel definitely figured that out. 
  • Strawberry Watermelon - This flavor is our most popular fruit flavor here at Goldenleaf and it is so for a reason. There is no beating this classic when it comes to fruity vape flavors.
  • Blueberry Raspberry Ice- This berries flavor is one of our best sellers and has the most positive reviews here at Goldenleaf. It is a refreshing tasty blast of taste sure to put you in a good mood.

Best Ice Flavors

  • Black Dragon Ice - This flavor is a classic when it comes to vape disposables. It is a blast of Ice with a hint of sweetness that leaves you feeling like you ate a mint.
  • Strawberry Ice - This strawberry flavor is undefeated in the category of Ice flavors. The blend of minty freshness combined with sweet strawberry was crafted to perfection when it comes to the strawberry Ice Esco Bars.
  • Spearmint - For those that are looking for a straight mint blast icy experience, this is the flavor for you.

Best Non-Ice Flavors

Just like there are people who enjoy the iciness in their vapes, there are some who prefer a purer taste. If this is you, we also have you covered with the best non ice Esco Bars flavors.

  • Rainbow - The rainbow flavor of Esco Bars is arguably the most widely liked flavor due to its inexplicable uniqueness. 
  • Red Apple - The red apple flavor is special because it is one of those flavors that you can not go wrong with. The name describes exactly what it is going to taste like and you can expect it to feel like you are biting into a red apple every time you take a drag from this vape disposable. 
  • White Gummy - The white gummy flavor of Esco Bars tastes like the candy gummy bears we have all tried. This is what makes it a familiar flavor that most people will appreciate and enjoy.

Best Flavors of Esco Bars Mega?

After reviewing the best flavors for each category of Esco Bars you may be left wondering what the best flavors for the Esco Bars mega are. Given that the Esco Bars Mega by Pastel Cartel offer a different variety of flavors than the regular Esco Bars. For this reason we have composed a list of the most popular and best tasting flavors for these too. 

Best Overall Flavors

  • Blue razzleberry Pomegranate Ice - Blue Razzleberry has always been a crowd pleaser. The addition of Ice to the already popular Blue Razz made this the most popular Esco Bar Mega flavor.
  • Pear Apricot Papaya - A sweet and sour tangy combination of goodness with a smooth delivery. 


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Just bought my first Esco Bar Rainbow 🌈 Vape. I’m in absolute Love. It’s so smooth, intense, amazing flavor!!! Wow! Cannot wait to try others.

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