Best Elf Bar Flavors: A Comprehensive Review

Best Elf Bar Flavors: A Comprehensive Review

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The Elf Bar BC5000 disposable vape has been quickly rising to the top of the disposable vaping world. The Elf Bar is a compact, colorful and rechargeable device that is available in over 40 unique flavors. They contain 13ml of pre filled e-juice with a dual mesh coil to ensure maximum flavor intensity.

This article will provide an in depth review of the best flavors based on individual taste preferences. We understand that everyone wants something different when it comes to vape juice, so we have designed each section with specific needs in mind.

Most Popular Elf Bar Flavors

Elf bars are widely recognized by many as the top tier vape disposables on the market today. However, due to the fact that there is over 30 different elf bar flavors you can choose from we understand that choosing the right fit for you can get confusing. This is why we have composed a list of the best elf bar flavors depending on your personal likes and dislikes.

  • Tropical Rainbow Blast - We wanted to start the list with the most hyped top selling vape flavor. The reason why tropical rainbow blast is so popular lies on the smooth sweetness in its vapor. A true classic flavor attempted by many disposable vape brands but mastered to this level of perfection by few.

  • Strazz - There is so much to be said about the unique flavor profile of this elf bar. Upon taking the first drag from this, your taste buds will be pleasantly greeted by sweet tones of Raspberry and Strawberry. This is one of those vape flavors that you get for those special occasions and nights out with your friends.

  • Strawberry Ice Cream - There are different ways to enjoy strawberries, this is true for the fruit and also for vape flavor options. The strawberry Ice Cream flavor delivers creamy tasting strawberry vapor in a way that is subtle and not overwhelming.

Limited Edition Elf Bar Flavors

These are the flavors that are hard to find but gave built themselves a name in the world of disposable vapes for their superior flavor profiles.

  • Summertime - There is a reason why this disposable vape is named the way that it is. A perfect disposable for the summer due to the fact that it is fruity and flavorful but also refreshing just like your favorite summertime drink.

  • Malibu - When you see this at the vape shop for the first time, it is natural to wonder what this flavor tastes like due to the popular drink with the same name. Upon first experiencing the taste of it, you will realize it was everything that you wanted it to be. The pineapple, the fun sweetness, the coconut and its all tied in together by a hint of almond. This flavor is the recipe for a fun time.

  • Gumi - A rare find that you will be lucky to find in stock at your vape store. This crowd favorite flavor will fly off the shelves at any store because who doesn't love good gummy vape juice.

Best Fruit Flavors

Best Elf Bar Fruit Flavors

The large majority of folks who vape enjoy a nice fruity flavor in their disposables. There is a wide variety of different fruit flavors that taste great and that has made picking the best fruity elf bar flavors very hard. We have done our best to hand pick the most popular and our personal favorites here at Goldenleaf.

  • Strawberry Mango - We had to put the best classic flavor at the top of this list since we know most people enjoy fruit flavors. The Strawberry Mango Elf Bar flavor combines two of the best liked fruit flavors so we are able to enjoy the best of both worlds in one device.

  • Pineapple Coconut Ice - Who doesn't love a contrast of sweet pineapple coconut with the refreshing sensation of an iced flavor. This flavor is just the perfect blend of tart tones, the nutty coconut, sweet pineapple and a bit of ice for balance.

  • Sakura Grape - A strong grape flavor with succulent taste that will last throughout the 5000 puffs that these elf bar disposables have. The grape notes in this flavor are very present so this is one for those who are into strong flavors.


Best Ice Flavors

Best Elf Bar Ice Flavors

These flavors are for those who enjoy a cooling sensation with every puff they take. Ice flavors are known for having a stronger throat hit with a refreshing aftertaste.

  • Miami Mint - For the real mint flavor connoisseurs , The Miami Mint is all you need from a Icy flavor with the addition of some sweetness for taste.

  • Sweet Menthol - A lot of people get into Elf Bars to aid getting off of cigarettes. The sweet Menthol Elf Bar flavor is made to taste similar to the menthol in cigs in order to help users stay away from them.

  • Blue Razz Ice - Experience the tasty blueberry flavor with an addition of iciness for refreshment. The Blue Razz Ice flavor is widely popular amongst people who love the taste of blue colored things.

  • Lemon Mint - Its like you're taking a sip of some ice cold lemonade on a summer day. The lemon mint flavor has a dominant taste of lemon citrus in it with a hint of spearmint for balance.

Best Non-Ice Flavors

There is a large portion of people who enjoy vaping but do not like iciness in their vapes. This is why we composed a list of the best flavors that do not contain any mint or iciness in their e juice.

  • Strazz - The strazz could be placed at the top of the list for most enjoyable "all day" Elf Bar BC5000 flavors. A perfect mix of strawberry and raspberry that will make your mouth water.

  • Energy - The energy flavor tastes like a can of redbull. A unique flavor in its kind for a very niche specific group of people who will love it.

  • Peach Berry - For those who like fruity flavors and are tired of all vape juices and vape disposables putting ice in every flavor. Peach Berry is the answer to your desires by combining peach and berries into a sweet combination with no ice in it.

Best Candy Flavors

Best Elf Bar Candy Flavors

Candy Flavored Elf bars are great for those who love sweet and flavorful vapes. Reward your taste buds with the best candy flavors!

  • Sour Candy - Just as you can imagine the taste produced by this elf bar is sour and sweet like candy.

  • Watermelon Bubblegum - Who knew that combining these would make for such a fun experience. This is without question one of the best elf bar flavors to get if you like candy.

Clear - Best Non Flavored

All this talk about flavors this and flavors that...... but what if you are looking for an Elf Bar with no flavor? The clear non flavored elf bar BC5000 is the perfect fit for you. It is a new flavor and you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that there is no fruitiness or any flavor in it at all. All there is to this disposable vape is a bit of iciness for that nice throat hit you are looking for.

What does the Clear Elf Bar taste like?

The clear Elf Bar has a smooth taste of iciness with no other flavor. It provides the user with a fresh vapor without adding any additional taste. This is a unique and rare vape that is loved by many due to the fact that it is not overwhelming and can be enjoyed all day. They are hard to find but if you'd like to get your hands on one click here.

Are Elf Bars Good Vapes?

Elf Bars are amazing vape disposables that come in a big variety of different flavors to ensure there is one for everyone's liking. When compared to other vapes with the same amount of puffs, the Elf Bar BC5000 always comes out on top. This is because they last a while, they are rechargeable and have a high quality e juice packed inside of them. In addition to this, the flavor in them is inspired from the most popular flavors on the market before. Flavors such as cranberry grape, mango peach, strawberry kiwi and kiwi passion fruit guava are long time classics in the game. Elf Bar has used these classics as inspiration for the new generation of flavors they have released into the market with the BC5000.

How Long Do Elf Bars Last?

This question always comes down to how much you enjoy your elf bars on a weekly basis. Frequent experienced users can expect to have them last from 2 to 3 weeks. Lighter users will be able to vape on them for a good month. If you've been vaping on your elf bar for a few days, chances are it will run out of battery. This is why we have written a blog on how to recharge Elf Bars

Check out our review on the newest Elf Bar Flavors!

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Oscar Nava

Oscar Nava

I ordered some elf bars last week and I just got them, they taste pretty nice! Some of the elf bar flavors I ordered were blue razz ice, energy and Miami mint. Out of all I liked the most blue razz ice but that’s for me since I really like the ice flavors. For the energy and Miami Mint they both have their thing but I enjoyed more the Miami Mint since the energy vape tastes like an energy drink.

I ordered some elf bars last week and I just got them, they taste pretty nice! Some of the elf bar flavors I ordered were blue razz ice, energy and Miami mint. Out of all I liked the most blue razz ice but that’s for me since I really like the ice flavors. For the energy and Miami Mint they both have their thing but I enjoyed more the Miami Mint since the energy vape tastes like an energy drink.

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